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Cherish Bound: A WAHM Business Guide


Cherish Bound is a unique company that allows you to preserve precious memories and capture your family's favorite stories. Using their online publishing tools, you can create stunning photo albums and books that can also be digitally stored and archived. As a consultant with Cherish Bound, you will host home gatherings and organize workshops to help clients write their personal stories, document their memories and publish family histories. Using Cherish Bound's unique products like the story starters and journals, consultants help others turn their old stories into books that can shared with future generations.


You can start your Cherish Bound business by purchasing one of seven starter kits. The Storytelling Specialist kit is for those with a limited amount of time. It costs $25 and includes the basic materials including story starters to help get your business up and running. The Legacy kit costs $79 and is made for those with a special interest in family history and genealogy. It comes with basic story starters and a publishing coupon. The Consultant Starter kit contains basic story starters, a writing and publishing guide and 50 event reminders. The Wrinkles kit costs $136 and is designed for those to wish to work with clients in retirement communities. More ambitious consultants can purchase the Family Storyteller Kit ($349), the Leader Kit ($649) and the Executive Kit ($999). These larger kits are for those who plan on devoting a sizable chunk of their time to growing and developing their Cherish Bound business.


As a consultant you earn between 20-30 % commission on personal retail sales. You earn 6-10% commision on your recruits and 1-5% on your downline sales. You can also earn by offering personal services that help your clients tell their stories such as interviewing, scanning photographs or story consulting. You also receive a large discounts on personal purchases.


Your personal success depends on the strength of your downline. If you can recruit and build a strong sales team, then you'll earn a substantial income. There are no minimum sales requirements. However, to remain active, you must have activity at least once every two quarters. A great way to increase your income potential is to sell personal services that will work with Cherish Bound's products to help clients create beautiful and compelling famiy stories. Therefore, WAHMs with interviewing skills, excellent research capabilities and access to scanners and other technologies can capitalize on the opportunity.

Is It for You?

The opportunity at Cherish Bound is unique and requires a different skill set than most other direct sales positions. You have to be comfortable talking with people about their personal histories. It helps if you have strong writing skills and know how to weave a coherent story. A Cherish Bound consultant will guide you through the story telling process when you begin your training. However, it will help if you have a general knowledge of good story telling and know how to turn thoughts and ideas into something more tangible and concrete. Because most of your sales will come from home parties, Cherish Bound works best for WAHMs with weekend availability, as that is when most people want to host gatherings.

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