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Chavrie Stuffed Turkey Burgers

This is a wonderful, healthy burger recipe great for Summer parties!You'll have your Friends and Family screaming for more.

4 ounces Chavrie fresh goat cheese (log works best)
2 pounds ½ Ground Turkey
2ea. Eggs
teaspoon ½ Thyme leaves
teaspoon ½ Chopped garlic
6ea. Hamburger rolls


Step 1 Slice Chavrie goat cheese log into 6 equal disks

Step 2 In a large bowl, combine the ground turkey, eggs, garlic and a pinch each of salt and pepper.

Step 3
Mix gently to bring all the ingredients together; do not over mix.

Step 4
Form meat mixture into 12 patties. On 6 of the patties, gently place Chavrie® disks onto patties, pressing down lightly.

Step 5
Place remaining patties on top, press, and seal edges to totally enclose filling, forming 6 total patties.

Step 6
Place patties on grill 4 minutes, until bottom is brown. Turn the burgers over and cook an additional 4 minutes, or until done to your preference.

Step 7 Place in rolls and serve with your favorite accompaniments

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