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Certificate Course Ideas: Learn Valuable Technical Skills


A certificate course is a program of education that provides you with a background in a particular vocation or skill. This type of education is typically different from a two year or a four year academic program, as it is designed to get you through the training and education that you need quickly so that you can move right into the work force. If you're looking for a change in your career or if you're interested in expanding your opportunities for making money through new types of jobs, a certificate course can be a great way to do that.

Mechanic Programs

Many community and junior colleges have mechanic and automobile schools. These programs are designed to provide you with not only the basic education that is necessary in order to pursue a career as a mechanic or an automobile worker, but also to give you the valuable experience of having a shop in which to work. Because many mechanic shops in public require certain licensing and experience in order to give you the opportunity to work in them, it can be difficult to break into this particular field without a certain degree of background experience. A certificate course is an excellent way to build up that experience.

Teacher Certification

Teachers of all kinds are needed throughout the United States and around the world. Depending upon the area in which you live, a short academic program and a series of tests and certificate exams may be the only set of requirements for you to become a teacher. There are teaching specialties that are covered by different certificate programs, including a range of standard academic subjects and even other technical subjects as well.

Computer Technician

One excellent and highly marketable technical skill that you can acquire through a set of certificate courses and programs is computer technician experience. Computer technicians work in information and technology departments at companies around the world. Virtually all types of companies require someone with expertise in computers, servers and other types of information technology. This type of certificate program is an excellent one for anyone looking to get into a particular field but without a particular background in that field.


Welding can be one of the most lucrative technical jobs available. If you combine the skills that you develop in a welding program with other skills, you can stand to earn a great deal of money as a technical worker. Underwater welding is among the most competitive and high paying technical jobs that is available at this time.

Human Resource Management

Like information and technology departments, virtually every company requires human resource managers. These positions are responsible for dealing with the hiring, firing and maintenance of other staff at a company. A standard set of business courses and other related programs typically comprise a certificate program in human resource management certificates.

For more information about these programs and others in your area, look into your local community college.

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