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Certificate Course Ideas: Consider Being a Teacher


There are many certificate courses designed for teaching, a profession that is extremely important and generally under-served. As one of the more noble careers, there is a great deal of personal sacrifice that teachers make due to time and emotional requirements. While teaching can be exceedingly demanding, it is also extremely rewarding for those who decide to take it on.


Graduation from a four year certification program through a college or university is required by most educational institutions in order to work as a teacher. The teaching credential license is issued to teachers upon finishing state requirements for certification requirements. This can include state issued examinations that will allow teaching levels from early nursery school through 12th grade or special subjects like reading classes or music instruction. You can also get the National Teacher Certification, which is recognized by all states.

Due to teacher shortages in under-served geographic areas, some states may offer temporary and emergency licenses which bypass state licensing mandates. High-need subjects can include science, math, and bilingual or special education.


There has been much discussion about general teacher compensation through the years. Over time, teachers are not paid nearly what some other professions are paid. However, few teachers decide to enter the profession because they believe they will become wealthy. Like artists, musicians, actors and writers, teachers have a passion for their ability to reach and touch other people. One particular benefit that most other professions do not enjoy, however, is around eight weeks off each year.

Time Commitment

Teaching is not a traditional 9am to 5pm job. For example, the regular work day will also include a lot of time making lesson plans and grading papers that is additional. It may also be necessary to relate to students by participating in specific activities like attending school functions, sporting events, sponsoring classes or clubs and going on trips outside of school beyond the school day.

Community Involvement

Modern teachers attend to different activities, many of which include acting as a coach, part-time nurse, parent, friend, advisor or activity sponsor. Each class will have students at various levels, and it is a challenge to develop lesson plans that keep all of them active, engaged and involved while continuing to learn. Trying to individualize the education of students will also require a great deal of commitment, concentration and passion.

Personal Challenges

There is an emotional commitment for teaching that can take its toll over time. It is easy to get burned out on the job because of the issues that you will confront daily. The greatest teachers make a personal investment that other jobs usually do not require. Part of this is due to the human element in teaching. Students come from a variety of home situations and many have their own challenges to confront. This can affect how they behave in class and how they interact with their teachers, who can feel compelled to become strong advocates for their students (especially when there is a lack of adequate mentors at their disposal).

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