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Cello in a Box: A WAHM Business Guide


Cello in a Box is a company that has a network of WAHM business owners selling products from home. These direct sales representatives sell the company's wrapping and display products, enabling other small business owners to give their products a more favorable appearance. The products are often used by people who make and sell their own items through websites, home parties or local retail shops. Lollipops, baked goods, homemade craft items and other products need a clean, attractive presentation in order to make them look like professionally-created items. This makes it possible to market the products to a wide range of home business types.


To get started with Cello in a Box, sales representatives purchase a starter kit from the company and agree to the representative agreement. The starter kit includes a sales ID number, cello, bow and ribbon samples, an affiliate link and access to the Yahoo group and website. The online resources allow sales representatives to network with each other and with company employees in order to discover new sales channels.

After purchasing the kit, sales people print the agreement and fax or mail it back to the company. Cello in a Box then contacts the new sales person within 48 hours with information about how to begin the business. With this information, representatives can begin their own WAHM business that provides stylish wrappings for other small businesses to use.


Sales representatives earn 20 percent of each sale. There are also flat-fee payments available for representatives who recruit other salespeople.


Most of the products available from this WAHM business are geared toward wrapping products, but there are also several types of crafting supplies and other items available from the company. These include plastic containers for small crafting supplies. These can be marketed to people who create scrapbooks and people who make intricate crafts. 

Is It for You?

Besides candy and baked items, there are many other products that can benefit from the cello wrap presentation that is made possible by Cello in a Box. Candles, small craft items, jewelry and gift baskets can all be made more visually appealing with the use of cello wrap, ties and ribbons. 

Sales representatives run their own small sales businesses when they are associated with Cello in a Box. This home business requires no minimum purchase orders in order to remain an active sales person. It can also be done at home through a catalog or through home parties. Mothers who can't get away from home to run a retail business can use these home parties to bring the customers to her.

The cello bags come in a variety of styles, including various colors and designs. There are also "soft" and "crisp" versions of the cello bags. These come with and without twist ties. Home sales people can tailor their presentation of the products to the customer's needs.


As a sales representative of Cello in a Box, affiliate sales can be made through an affiliate link. That link allows a WAHM business to create an online marketing campaign that drives customers to buy the company's products through that link. 

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