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Car Safety Essentials for Toddlers


There are many times when we take our toddlers out for a short drive and do not follow all the  car safety rules that we should for a safe and stress-free journey. Here is a quick guide of what should be done to help our little ones stay safe in the car.

Follow All the Rules

The most important rule is to follow all the rules. This holds well even if the drive is a short one. Never skimp on the safety of a child.

Strap Up

All children should be safely strapped up in the toddler seat of your car. Make sure the child is buckled in before you start your car.

Correct Seat

Make sure that the child has the correct seat for his/ her height and weight and not according to his/her age. Some children are a bit smaller or larger in size than their peers. So check the height and weight for the correct seat. The seat should be in the back of the car, not the front.

Belt and Buckle

Make sure the belt is straight and the right way around. The straps should be through the holes that are above the shoulder. This will ensure their safety. If you plan to wrap up the baby in a blanket, first strap her in and then put the blanket on. Never do it the other way around as it can be dangerous for the child.

Child Lock

This should be activated each time the child is in the car. The windows too should be raised as things can fly in or out of the car. Both can harm your child and the pedestrians.

Car Keys

The car keys should be with you, not the toddler. Remember that a child will be able to lock herself in the car and not know how to get out. The car is not a toy and should not be treated as one.

Never Alone

Never leave a child alone in the car. Not even for a minute and not even if they are sleeping. It just is not a safe place for them to be alone in. Electrical fires are quite common in cars. So never ever leave a child unattended in the car.

If you follow these safety tips, your toddler should be safe in the car even as you plan long trips. It is essential to follow these rules for short trips as well.

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