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Can Stress from Your Home Business Affect Your Pregnancy?


Worried whether the stress from your home business can affect your pregnancy? Although slight stress during pregnancy is normal, owing to hormonal changes your body is experiencing, prolonged or chronic stress can affect the development of your baby.

Potential Effects of Prolonged Stress

  • High blood pressure of mothers
  • Greater risk of miscarriage or a preterm baby
  • Behavioral and emotional problems in baby
  • Increased heart rate of unborn baby
  • Digestive problems and decreased resistance to illness


Problems to be Mindful of

High levels of continuous stress during the early pregnancy may lead to a premature baby. Various studies have showed that an excessive level of stress during the early stage of pregnancy is not good for the developing embryo.

Having high blood pressure is never good, but for a mother-to-be, the effects can be more severe. A little stress during pregnancy is normal, but it should not drive your blood pressure up to an unhealthy level. Children born to extremely stressed-out moms were found to have behavioral, as well as emotional problems.

Prolonged stress can disturb your digestive system and elevate your digestive problems, along with making you more susceptible to illness. These negative effects can impact your baby's development as well, if they are carried out to extreme levels.

Reducing Stress from Your Home Business

  • Prioritize. Learn to prioritize your work. Make a 'to do' list and concentrate on what is important; the rest can wait.
  • Learn to say No. It is difficult but not impossible. If you are tired or feel stressed-out, say no to more work. It is fine to do nothing and enjoy your baby when you are pregnant.
  • Reasonably consider the situation. Ask yourself if the stress you are feeling is appropriate to the situation in the long run. Many things are out of your control and therefore not worth stressing over.
  • Eat well. Eating small, healthy and well balanced meals will keep you fit and happy: the antonyms of stress.
  • Sleep. Take naps throughout the day if you need to. A rested body and mind will make you more productive at work, as well as reduce stress levels.
  • Exercise. While hard aerobic exercise is not advisable for a pregnant woman, you may enjoy walking, practicing Yoga or swimming. Exercising will help keep you fit and will prepare you to lose the baby weight faster. It also releases positive endorphins and is a great way to deal with stress.
  • Reduce your workload. There's a reason that most businesses offer maternity leave. Pregnant women are expected to have time to themselves and be able to relax - your body is working hard enough as it is.
  • Talk to your partner or spouse. If you have a problem, your significant other should be willing to have a heart-to-heart. Talking through your problems can help you feel less alone and reduce stress.


If you are struggling with stress from your home business during pregnancy, it's best for the health of your child and yourself if you take steps to reduce stress - even if that means working less. With your partner to support you, you can get through pregnancy to have a healthy child.

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