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Can Print Ads Help Market Your Home-Based Business?


When you are deciding on marketing tools to help boost your home based business, you will want to consider print ads. Depending on who you are trying to advertise to (and what venues you are using), you could still get business from print ads, even in modern times.

Benefits of Printed Ads

Printed ads can be viewed by anyone and clipped out for future reference. There are many venues where you may place your print ads, such as newspapers, magazines, local directories or even the back of receipts. Print ads can reach the people other ads miss, who do not spend much time on the Internet or watching TV.

Consider Your Product

To determine if print ads would be a good choice for you, you must first look at your product or service and determine which age group, or type of person, you are attempting to sell to.

Also consider if your product will sell well enough to pay for your advertising. If you have adequate business or are advertising in other venues already (such as on the Internet), and are receiving business from those ads, you may not want to spend more money promoting your business.

Consider Your Audience

After determining the type of person who would most likely purchase your product or service, research how others in your business have advertised to that audience. Everyone reacts differently to ads, and you must know the age group and type of person you are trying to reach.

Research ads that have been created for those age groups, and look at the layouts. For example, if you are writing your ad for senior citizens, you may want to keep the ad simple and have larger letters. If you are creating an add for teens, you may want to use bright colors and incorporate pop culture into the advertisement.

Consider Where to Place Your Ads

Placement of your ads is essential. You could have a terrific ad, but if you are placing it the wrong venue, very few people will respond to it. A little research may be needed, but there are a few easy tips you can remember

For Example, if your audience is business minded, news minded or in an older age bracket, newspapers would be an excellent resource for you, as many people still receive newspapers. If you are marketing to mothers or singles who do all their own grocery shopping, see if there is a local grocery store who prints ads on the back of receipts. If you are marketing to future brides, place your ad in a bridal magazine.

Occasionally, you will see a pizza company place their ads on the front of the phone book. This is ingenious, as many pick up the phone book to order pizza. Placement of you ads can make or break you ad.

Consider Your Ad

If you can find the right venue and know your target audience, you can place you ad. Make sure that the ad has all the information needed, such as a way to contact you and what products and services you offer. Consider adding your logo or picture, or even color and special fonts to make the ad stand out a little more.

Print ads can be a very effective marketing tool if they are used the right way.

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