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Business Opportunites in Language Translation Services


Translation services have been in great demand because of the evolving Internet and its need to cater to worldwide users. There is also a need to translate numerous print materials, like books, to reach a greater audience. Considering the demand, business opportunities in language translation services are galore and profitable.

Find Your Language Expertise

A professional translator would require being proficient in at least two languages. Since most of the texts or websites are in English, having proficiency in English is a must. International languages like French, Spanish, German and Japanese are very much in demand for business translation. Nevertheless, there are numerous other languages that matter in the market and also differ from region to region. The important thing is to identify your expertise, and enhance your skills.

Get Professional

Business translation services are as competitive as any other business in the market today. The Internet has not only expanded the options to excel, but also has increased the competition. The demand, of course, would always be for the professionals. Therefore, give your business a professional look before you start off.

If getting a college degree in your chosen language is not possible, aim to get certified in it through various vocational courses. An educational credential is an excellent way to set your reputation as a serious translator, and it will help to acquire more business.

Make a résumé for your translation services and keep it handy. You would need to rush it through many potential business opportunities once you start looking out for work.

Advertise Your Business Translation Service

Again, advertising your business is but a natural step towards establishing it. Amongst the many, setting up a blog is an effective method. One can set up a blog in minutes and start posting. Take advantage of the freedom of the blog and do the following:

  • Write the post in English
  • Translate the post in your chosen language, and place right below the original text in English
  • Publish the post in your blog

This way, not only are you advertising that you exist, but you are also effectively showcasing your abilities. Also, ensure that your contact information is displayed prominently in your blog.

Provide a Broad Range of Professional Translation Services

If you have the appropriate qualifications and skills to work in the language services industry, you don’t need to limit yourself to providing only translation services. Many professional translators also undertake proofreading and editing work, provide multilingual copywriting services, take on desktop publishing services and more.

The greater the number of services that you can provide to potential clients, the more use you can be to them. Consider, for example a client who needs a marketing brochure translated from English to Spanish. If you can not only undertake the translation, but also present the information beautifully in Spanish through your desktop publishing skills, you’ve made yourself far more useful to the client.

Video translation is another great example of this. If you can provide transcription and subtitling services as well as translation, you’re a better all-round resource for the client to use. Transcription skills come in handy for providing audio translation services as well. Again, this expands your potential usefulness in the eyes of the client.

And then there are translation specialisms to take into account. Professional translation services offer
specialist knowledge and expertise in marketing, financial, legal and various other types of translation. Whether you plan to go it alone in terms of finding work or throw your lot in with a translation service, the more specialist the service you provide, the more likely you are to command a decent wage. Just remember that these are not areas to offer unless you have genuine knowledge of the specialism. Translating a legal text if you don’t have a legal background has the potential to land you in serious hot water.

Remember that you can advertise all of these services and specialisms on your blog, using the site to showcase your skills and emphasise to potential clients or to agencies that you plan to apply to that you are the right language professional for the job.

Find Work

Again, registering with a translation agency is a way of getting more work. These agencies usually get more enquiries than an individual translator. If you are new and searching for your first client, then joining a translation agency would be your best bet.

Remember to leave your personal details, like your blog URL or contact number, with your clients once you are done. If you are good, they would come back to you directly.

Enhance Your Professional Profile

There is no escape from the ever-changing business conditions today. Keeping yourself updated with the latest business trends should be a part of your every day calendar. Always keep abreast with information like change in demand and emerging markets. This will aid you in enhancing your professional profile by adding more skills and information in to your CV.

The bottom line, nevertheless, is how good you are at work. Keep raising the bar, and find your translation service business translated into one with enormous benefits.

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