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Build Your Momtourage: Finding the Right Support System


The word "momtourage" may be a new one, but the concept of gathering friends and family to build your momtourage is as old as human civilizations. Every mother, no matter how many children she has and what her circumstances are, needs to have a group of support people who will be there if she needs them. This group has been called a support system, a second family, an extended family and now...a momtourage.

Build a Momtourage of Friends

Not everyone can live near their extended family members anymore. The historical momtourages usually included a host of female relatives, from aunts to female cousins to great-grandmothers. Today, families are spread out across countries and across the world. For those who aren't lucky enough to have trusted female relatives around them (who can give them advice about birth, potty training and other issues), they can turn to their friends.

Friends from work, from playgroups and from the neighborhood can provide that moral support and advice that many moms need when they have questions or problems with their child. These trusted friends can also provide babysitting in an emergency, giving moms a sense of security in case a serious problem arises.

Build a Family Momtourage

For women who have relatives who live around them, it can be far easier to build a momtourage. A mother, aunt, grandmother, niece or cousin can provide child care along with helpful advice. Want to take your kids to a new restaurant? A family member with kids can inform you of the kid-friendly restaurants in town.

Older relatives are great to have around when you have questions about anything, form circumcision scars to how to help your teenager treat an acne breakout. There's nothing like a momtourage of family members, who love your child and want your family to be happy.

Build a Combination Momtourage

For most moms, their momtourage is made up of both friends and family. Even if it's long distance, family members and friends can provide different things in different situations. Need help with an embarrassing problem? Mom might be the one to call. Need to know where to buy hip maternity gear? A friend will likely know just where to go to get it. 

As moms gain experience, they often enjoy giving out advice to new or less-experienced moms who need it. A momtourage can work both ways--it can provide help when you need it, as well as to give you the opportunity to help friends who need parenting advice. 

Many times, friends and family members are just part of building a momtourage. Joining a group or finding a perfect local business that helps out with your needs, can often add to your momtourage. Having a group or a company that you can trust will help you immensely when you need specific parenting help.

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