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Brand Identity: Creating an Impact in the Marketplace


As you develop your business and look to expand its success, it is important to keep in mind your brand identity and identify its impact in the marketplace. Building a successful brand goes well beyond a memorable logo. Your brand's identity encompasses a full range of strategies including building customer loyalty through consistency in your marketing. By creating a successful brand, you will be able to engage your customers and create a long-lasting brand affinity.

Performing Market Research

By using in-depth market research to determine what your customers want and need, you can create a strong identity that reflects your business' vision and values. A brand cannot be all things to all people - that is why you have to target your customer base appropriately and appeal to their interests.

In most cases, your product or service will have been in existence for some time and has plenty of direct competition. In the case that it doesn't, chances are it soon will. This is why you need a brand identity that will help to impact consumer choice and set your product apart.

Building a Brand with Your Name

Brand identity is comprised of:

  • pricing
  • distribution
  • quality
  • presence
  • awareness
  • reputation 
  • image


By thinking about combining all these efforts in your brand identity, you will create the most impact in the marketplace.

The foundation of your brand's identity is in its name. Once the uniqueness of your company or idea wears off, it is your name against those of your competitors. Choosing a name that can communicate on its own (without a ton of advertising) is key to building your brand. It should be easy to pronounce, as well as have a neutral to positive association across the many ethnic and language barriers throughout the country.

Building Your Brand

To properly position your brand, you need to identify the most important attributes or benefits that best represent the value of your product or service. This will help to create trust in your brand. While you cannot directly position your brand, as positioning is determined by how customers perceive your brand, you can have an influence in the message you give to consumers.

For the most impact, you should look at your product and its relevance to the customer's lifestyle. The more apparent a connection between your brand and the consumer's daily activities, the greater the chance you have for a sale. Another factor is that your brand's message is clear and focused. Any messages that you are conveying about your product should be inline with your products and services. Look at your messaging and make sure that nothing can be misconstrued. If it can, change the messages to make them more accurate.

By really excelling at promoting your brand (using some of these ideas to concisely get your message across), you can make a great impact on the marketplace. Get second opinions and survey your customers to find out how your brand is doing, and make the necessary changes to really create a strong presence in your business sector. 

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