Booty Parlor: A WAHM's Guide


Booty Parlor started out in 2005 and was the brainchild of Charlie and Dana Myers, a young married couple from Los Angeles. The couple wanted to buy sexy gifts for each other but had problems finding the right kinds of high quality products that were affordable, fun and fabulous at the same time. When Booty Parlor first started out in Hollywood, it became an instant hit among celebrities. Booty Parlor parties were then launched nationwide in 2007.

Booty Parlor parties are usually thrown out by a Sexy Lifestyle Advisor. These advisors are product experts, trained and qualified to help clients rejuvenate their sex lives with Mojo Makeovers. Booty Parlor's vision is focused on boosting every woman's sexy self-confidence. They believe that in order to have a strong relationship with your partner, it's all about the right combination of romance, confidence and communication.

Starting out as a Booty Parlor Party Hostess

Starting out as a Booty Parlor party hostess is relatively easy. All you need to do is book a party with a Sexy Lifestyle Advisor nearest you and invite as many girl friends as you can. So, why should you join Booty Parlor as a hostess and/or a Sexy Lifestyle Advisor? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Low Startup Costs. There are 3 startup kits to choose from: the Sexy Intro Kit at $199 with $700 value, the Sexy Starter Kit at $299 with $1,000 value and the Sexy Career Kit at $499 with $1,800 value.
  • There are no hidden fees and you'll enjoy all these for free: credit card processing, back office and a personal e-commerce website. Recruiting, inventories, territories or deliveries are not also required.
  • You will be provided with solid training and support, as well. With their experienced mentors, you will be guided every step of the way; from telephone, online to field support. Their back office includes state of the art online video training, message boards, online marketing banners, calendars and guest books.

Compensation as a Booty Parlor Party Hostess

Your earning potential with Booty Parlor is unlimited and you get to have total control with your schedule. As a Sexy Lifestyle Advisor, you'll earn approximately $50 per hour and as a hostess, you'll earn 10 percent of the total party sales. You also get to enjoy these exclusive and innovative products for free or half the price: the Bath Kitten, the "Flirty Little Secret" body butter and the "Kissaholic" aphrodisiac lipstick kit.

Thriving as a Booty Parlor Party Hostess

To thrive with Booty Parlor, all you need to do is host as many parties as you can. Sexy Lifestyle Advisors or SLAs are also offered the best training and operational support team. They also get to enjoy all-expense paid trips.

Is It for You?

If you support the company's vision of empowering women in and out of the bedroom, being a Booty Parlor Hostess and/or Sexy Lifestyle Advisor may be for you.

Noteworthy Information

Booty Parlor is not merely a sex toy company but a "party plan company" that assists women of all ages and background achieve a healthy sex life and strong relationship with their partners.

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