Bookwise: A WAHM's Guide


Bookwise is an independent business opportunity that was founded by several very high profile individuals with a background in business concepts. As a result, the business has become a powerful business model over the years for entrepreneurs.

Starting Out

Review the Bookwise PowerPoint presentation and contact a representative to get more information. Visit the website for a brief and informational overview. Enter "todayisthatday" as the passkey to access the presentation. Ask for more obligation-free information and sign up for the Today is that Day newsletter or the preferred customer program at the store.


Purchases through your bookstore are made at a savings of up to 42% off the retail price of books, including CDs and DVDs. The income structure of Bookwise features Matching Commissions, a unique benefit only offered by Bookwise. When commissions are received with new sign ups, the company matches every commission generated at 100%.

Incentive trips are awarded to top performers and have included a 5-day cruise in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, which is much easier to attain than with other network marketing companies.


Take advantage of all of the training materials offered by Bookwise, such as the Webcasts, Weekly Mentor Telecasts, AIM Training, QuickWise and and PresidentWise Training. Use the Marketing Center which contains sales materials designed to help quickly build the Bookwise business. Take the Successful People Seminar and learn the TaxWin data to advance your business with core principles.

Use the Wisdom Link to access over 100,000 source documents used at universities like Stanford and Yale, as well as by presidential speech writers. Search the database for information on philosophy and religion, world history, science and mathematics, political science and law, literature, U.S. history, social science and literature.

Consider taking the Free Speed Reading Lesson and learn about comprehending and retaining more information that is included in the membership. Other free speed reading lessons and courses are also featured.

Is It for You?

People who are driven and motivated to start and maintain their own business can do well at Bookwise. Anyone interested in making a consistent effort to engage proven success principles to allow for personal and business growth can be a successful Bookwise business owner.

For book lovers, Bookwise offers an opportunity to have a business designed around passion--the one ingredient that many successful company owners cite as a key to their survival.

For readers, writers and bloggers alike, Bookwise offers a plethora of resources which can be instrumental in marketing success, such as the Bestseller Seminar, where all associates receive two free tickets. Use the AuthorWise monthly teleseminar to learn about author issues and becoming self-published.

The WriteWise community is for passionate and motivated writers, including a step by step program to assist with editing, publishing and marketing books.


  • The BookWise Bestseller Seminar is the most prestigious writer's event in America for which tickets usually cost $995 each.
  • The WriteWise program is valued at over $15,000.
  • 1 percent of all purchases made through bookstores go to charity while 10 percent of all company profits go to charity.
  • There is a 12 month 100 percent money back guarantee.

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