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Blogging for Money: The Basics


Blogging for money is one of the many ways that work at home parents can make money at home. There are numerous ways to make money blogging, including creating sponsored blog posts, charging for subscriptions and using ads on the site to turn reader traffic into online earnings. Generally, the more traffic a blog has, the more money it is possible to make. 

Blogging for money requires regular posting in order to keep readers coming back and to keep the blog's page rank climbing. Enormously successful bloggers, such as Perez Hilton, earn millions of dollars a year by blogging. While that's not the norm, there are many people with lesser-known blogs who make a living through their blogs. Still, more bloggers earn money online as a side job in order to supplement income or to pay down their existing debt.

Writing Paid Posts

One of the ways that bloggers are blogging for money is by signing up for sponsored posts that are paid on an individual post basis. These are usually run through third-party sites that connect bloggers with companies that want to advertise through blog posts on a wide range of blogs. Some of these posts are reviews of products or services. Some of them are simply informative posts that tell readers about a product in order to get the word out.

Each paid posting company has different rules for bloggers who want to earn money online. Some require the use of blog tools like embedded video or text links. Even without any specific blog tools, there are often rules about the type of blogs that are accepted and how old the blog needs to be before it is eligible for the sponsored posts.

Charging for Blog Subscriptions

The Kindle is a handheld reader that reads digital books as well as newspapers and blog. Subscribers who want to read blogs on their readers, must pay a subscription fee to have Kindle access to the blog. Many bloggers are now offering their blogs on a subscription basis to Kindle readers and are making money each month for all of the subscriptions that are sold.

Selling Blog Advertising

There are several different types of ad units that can be placed on a blog to put new and updated advertising on the blog. This type of advertising is changed out by the advertising company in order to reflect the most relevant ads. Most of these are pay-per-click ads that use the relevancy of the ads to get more clicks for the site owner. Each time the ads are clicked, you make money. The amount earned per click varies with the individual ads.

It is also possible to sell individual ads in order to make money blogging. The ads can be sold through a third-party site that brokers blog advertising deals. Or, you may decide to simply place a blank ad to one side of the blog that tells readers how they can advertise on your blog. These ads usually offer steadier earnings because they are not dependent on ad clicks to generate revenue.

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