Blog Advertising Explained


You have probably heard that you can make good money by blogging. However, in order to make this kind of money, you will first need to acquire basic blog advertising knowledge.

What is Blog Advertising?

Blog advertising is quite simply placing advertisements on your blog.  As such, it is a way to monetize your blog.  This has existed for as long as blogs have existed.  It consists of running banners and text ads on the top, sidebar and footer of your blog. You will then be able to make money from these various ads.  Sometimes you will get paid whenever someone simply clicks on one of these ads. but at other times you will need to make a sale in order to make money.  How you get paid depends upon what type of banner or text ad you choose to use.

How to Make Money from Blog Advertising

There are numerous ways to monetize your blog. However, the most popular way is through post sponsorship. Herein, you are paid to include a link, created from targeted keywords, inside of a text that you have written specifically for an advertiser. This may be a product review, a website review or it may follow your blog's other content (but give your sponsor a brief mention in it). 

Google Adsense 

These are the small contextual ad blocks that can be seen in many websites' side bars. They list offers that are directly relevant to your content. Whenever a visitor clicks on an offer, you will make money.

Affiliate Marketing 

Herein, you can earn a commission for each sale that you make. You will need to put up banners and integrate the products or services that the affiliate program offers into your blog. While you will need to work to find which affiliate program is best for your blog, you will make more money here than with Adsense.

Direct Advertising 

This will provide you with a consistent, reliable revenue stream.  Here you will actually be charging people to place their advertisement on your blog. If you have a high traffic blog, you can charge over $100 per month for this service. Whenever you multiply this by five or six slots, you will see how lucrative of an income this can be, especially since you don't have to worry about small dips in traffic or figuring out what people are interested in. Of course, you will need a stable reader base before you spend time looking for people who are interested in advertising on your blog. For this reason, this is not something that you can start off with if your blog is brand new.

It really isn't difficult to make money blogging. You will also need to do a little bit of experimenting in order to find the most effective way to monetize your blog.

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