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BestMark Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping with BestMark offers a great alternative for people looking to earn extra cash and on a schedule that works for them.
BestMark mystery shopper.

What Is Your New Years’ Resolution?

Did you know that most Americans list “managing debt” and “saving money” as two out of their top ten New Year’s Resolutions? It is not very surprising that this is the case. Between the shape of our economy, costs of living, and the holiday season which inevitably costs many of us an arm and leg, I can relate to those who feel this way as the New Year begins.

Now that the Holiday season has come to a close I know that many of us may be tightening the purse strings a little to get those credit card balances down. Some people have picked up part time jobs in order to alleviate mounting bills. However, working multiple jobs can easily burn you out. Mystery Shopping with BestMark offers a great alternative for people looking to earn extra cash and on a schedule that works for them.

What Is Mystery Shopping & Who Is BestMark?

BestMark, Inc. is a national mystery shopping company that has been around for over 27 years. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have been helping people earn extra income. BestMark can help you save money on services you already get like oil changes, tire rotations, groceries, haircuts, dinners, hotel stays, and so much more! The savings potential you could earn from completing mystery shops is HUGE. What better way to stick to your New Year’s resolution than to save a little money on services and get paid additional money just to shop!

BestMark Auto Service Saver

Click on the link below to see how one of our most popular shops is saving people across the country money on their auto costs.

Earning Potential

BestMark shoppers have shared stories about what they have done with their shopper paychecks earned from mystery shopping. Some have used it to pay for entire vacations for them and their spouse, or have used mystery shopping income to help get them through a financially tough spot after being laid off and not being able to find steady full time work, or have saved their families HUGE savings from not having to pay for typical services they normally get and can now put that money towards other things they normally wouldn’t be able to splurge on.

Flexible Schedule

Mystery shopping has a very flexible part time schedule. You choose how little or how much you would like to work. The mystery shops are paid per assignment and you choose the ones that will best work around your schedule. Assignments typically take very little time to complete and half of it will be done at home on the computer as you would be filling out a questionnaire with feedback regarding your in store experience.

The absolute best part about mystery shopping with our company is that there are NO obligations to sign up for shops nor is there any sign up costs to be a member. We want this to be an opportunity for you to earn money and save on daily expenses that you already pay far.

How to Get Started as a BestMark Mystery Shopper

We are always looking for fresh perspectives and new faces to our join team. We would like to invite you to fill out an application at http://Shop.BestMark .com and become a part of the family! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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