Bellamora: A WAHM Business Guide


A complete business guide below is listed if you're looking into becoming a Bellamora Distributor. Bellamora is currently based in Tampa, Florida and is geared up to launch its brand new marketing business opportunity on January 15, 2011. Currently, it is distributing free product samples and no cost distributor registration applications.

The company was founded by Dr. Miller who started with burn creams and then developed different kinds of beauty products such as exfoliants, toners, cleansers, moisturizers and cellular repair creams. Bellamora's vision is to simply create the most wealthy, healthy and happiest people in the world.

Starting Out

There are three ways to start out as a distributor; you can choose any of the Fast Start Packs: the Basic Pack, Premium Pack and the Ultimate Pack. All these packs are generally initial product purchases. The Basic Pack is pegged at $199, Premium Pack at $299 and the Ultimate Pack at $499. You can also choose to buy samples from their New Rep Kit priced at $49.95.


There are several ways on how to generate income as a distributor via retail income, preferred customer income and referrals. Through retail income, you can earn significant profits by selling products at cheap retail prices. You will be assigned a personal website as an independent distributor, which is open 24/7. This replicated website comes along with a back office, and Bellamora collects the funds, ships the products to the customers and sends you the direct commissions.

The preferred customer income works by sponsoring preferred customers. Preferred customers are those that sign up for an account through your replicated website and are listed under the Automatic Delivery Program. You earn a Direct Commission every time they purchase products from your website. You also earn a separate retail commission; this is commonly called the Double Dip.

By referring three preferred customers who are currently listed on the monthly ADP, you receive your own monthly product for free. Income through the fast start bonuses is also possible. A sponsor's bonus range from $50 to $250 when one of the preferred customers takes advantage of the fast start bonuses.


The key to a thriving and rewarding experience as a Bellamora Distributor is through Binary Team Volume Commissions. To achieve this, you need to establish your own group of preferred customers and encourage them to find new people as well. By doing so, you will be creating "legs" and you generate your CV or Commissionable Volume.

Is It for You?

The Bellamora Distributor Compensation Plan is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it takes hard work, dedication and excellent networking skills to thrive as a distributor. You should know how to be a team player as well if you want to succeed as a distributor.

Noteworthy Information

Aside from the possible ways on how to earn income as a distributor mentioned above, the Bellamora website cites 10 more possible ways on how to increase your earnings.

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