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Becoming Mom: How to Prepare for Your Triplets


Becoming mom to triplets can both be exciting and intimidating, but expectant mothers should keep in mind that they must prepare for this most challenging role. Motherhood does not necessarily start at childbirth and may as well start during pregnancy. During pregnancy, mothers should know more about recommended pregnancy nutrition guidelines, the special circumstances involved in giving birth to triplets or multiples, and buying enough baby bottles, clothes and gears for three.

Your Health and Nutrition

It is critical for pregnant women of three to stay healthy during the course of pregnancy by getting enough rest, eating right and getting regular medical attention. A balanced diet is always important at any time of a person's life but during pregnancy, women need more nutrients. It is often recommended that they follow a nutrition guideline that will help keep them healthy, prepare for childbirth and assist with the baby's growth while inside the womb. 

A pregnant woman's diet generally contains adequate amounts of calcium, folic acid, protein and iron. Calcium helps develop bones and muscles, and can be found in broccoli, milk or fortified orange juice. Folic acid which is usually recommended during the first trimester is a nutrient that helps prevent defects in the nervous system of babies. Protein helps build tissue and body growth and iron is needed for hemoglobin, which supplies oxygen to the developing babies.

By eating healthy expecting mothers should also avoid certain foods and substances that can be harmful (e.g. caffeine, alcohol, drugs, nicotine) and take only the recommended amount of nutrients from regular food or supplements.

Giving Birth to Triplets

Preparing for the birth of triplets can be scary especially for a new mom. Triplets are generally delivered earlier than usual so mothers will have to consider the circumstances revolving around the birthing process and medical care for premature babies.

A cesarean section in multiple births is not an uncommon circumstance. Pregnant women of multiples should go over the birthing option/s available and the risks that can affect the safety of these options.

A normal pregnancy term can last up to 40 weeks but multiple pregnancy can only last anywhere from 35 to 37 weeks, requiring premature babies to be placed in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Helplessness can overcome mothers during that period, but the best assurance they can rely on is on knowing they have chosen a team of capable medical practitioners and support group.

Shopping for Three

When shopping for triplets, doing the math is always necessary: consider the number of times an item will be used or how many of which will a single baby need then multiply that number by three. Preparing a list well ahead of time will help consider all of the babies' needs and help stay on the budget. 

While it is important to prepare for the triplets' arrival, mothers should get enough rest. And by eating healthy, getting qualified advice and preparing during the early months of pregnancy, an expectant mother of three can avoid stress.

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