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Becoming a Parenting Coach: The Basics


Working as a parenting coach is a work-at-home opportunity. A parenting coach guides other parents as they make decisions regarding raising their children. This is a relatively new business that has developed as more households consist of two working parents. Parents that are unsure how to handle certain situations may turn to coaches to obtain neutral, well-intentioned and personal advice. Before starting such a business, however, consider the following basic information.

The Job of a Parenting Coach

A parenting coach helps parents deal with difficult child-rearing problems and issue and provides general guidance about raising children. Some parents will approach coaches when struggling to handle a child with learning or physical disabilities. Many parenting coaches will also provide assistance to schools, daycares or hospitals. At these places, many coaches lecture about the best way to handle common child issues, such as stubbornness or fear.


Most parenting coaches have a degree in childhood education, psychology or a related field. Merely putting yourself out there as a parenting coach, therefore, most likely won't be enough. A degree shows potential clients that you are knowledgeable about the scientific and other aspects of parenting and not merely trying to tell other people what to do. While having children gives parents knowledge about raising children, it is not sufficient to become a parenting coach. If you do not have a degree, consider obtaining one online or through your local community college.

Advertising and Marketing

In such a specific field as parenting, advertising and marketing will be the only ways to obtain your first clients. Consider the most likely places where parents will encounter your flyer or other advertisement. Physician's offices, kid's gymnasiums and even hospitals are a few potential places to advertise your services. Don't forget, however, that advertising and marketing campaigns cost money. These costs must be factored into your startup business expenses. Always include your education and expertise in any advertising.

Establish Company Policies

One of the most important aspects of working as a parenting coach is determining how you will provide advice. Some parenting coaches prefer to operate by meeting once a week with the parents in a neutral setting; other parenting coaches visit their clients' homes on a regular basis so that they can observe the family dynamics before offering advice. Prior to your first meeting, consider how you would like your business to operate. Take your schedule and any necessary business travel time to and from appointments into account when creating your policy.

Consider Potential Liability

Another important aspect to working as a parenting coach is your potential amount of legal liability. If your advice inadvertently causes the parent or child to become injured or have their relationship deteriorate, they may choose to sue you. Prior to offering your services, determine whether your state requires you to have insurance or a business license. Operating a business without fulfilling any legal requirements could result in you ending up in court and needing to pay for attorneys or fines out of your pocket.

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