BeautiControl: A WAHM's Guide


Beauticontrol is a beauty company that sells spa treatments and other skincare products through a network of independent beauty consultants. There are currently 140,000 consultants located through the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. According to their website, the company mission is as follows:

" create innovative lifetime solutions through scientifically advanced skin care and beauty products, life changing opportunities and a passion for excellence."

BeautiControl is owned by Tupperware Brands, a familiar fixture on the direct sales/WAHM company roster. It began in 1981 in Carrollton, Texas before being purchased by Tupperware in 2000.

Starting with BeautiControl

There are two levels for starting with BeautiControl, the BC Spa BeautiCase and the BC Spa Business Case. The BeautiCase comes with all the materials you need for holding your first spa party; the BeautiCase costs $125. The Business Case, according to the website, is how most consultants begin and contains "everything you need to recoup your investment, make immediate income and begin holding spas." The Business Case costs $385. If you decide to move forward, you fill out a form on the BeautiControl website and an independent beauty consultant will contact you about starting your own business. The BeautiControl website does not have information on training and support posted; you will need to contact a consultant to obtain more information about what the company offers new recruits.


According to the company website, you receive 25% discount level off retail prices when you start with the BeautiCase; however, you receive a 50% discount level on all retail orders placed in your first 30 days when you place a $500 Retail order within your first 14 days. This bonus is to get you started selling big and selling quickly. With the Business Case, you receive the 50% discount level on all orders placed within 30 days. There is no other information available on the official BeautiControl website regarding compensation levels. Some Googling revealed that the company may use a "stairstep breakaway" compensation plan, but this is not confirmed in the authentic company materials.


To get ahead with BeautiControl, you need to enjoy selling spa and cosmetic products. More specific advice is available on the company's "Success Stories" tab, which has information on Evelyn Coleman, the Platinum Senior National Executive Director for BeautiControl, and Barbara Ward, the Independent Platinum Senior National Executive Director. According to Ms. Ward, success in the company is achieved by using "the tools and programs BeautiControl offers," and by staying "consistent and build[ing] strong relationships with your team." According to Ms. Coleman, success can be achieved if a consultant "thinks big; keeps it simple. If you're going to think, you may as well think BIG!"

Is It For You?

BeautiControl would appeal to WAHMs who enjoy spa and beauty products and who want a home based business opportunity with a low upfront investment. Obviously, since it is a direct-sales company, you should feel comfortable with marketing and making sales pitches, or hosting spa parties in your home or in someone else's home (such as a party hostess).


BeautiControl has its own charitable foundation, the W.H.O (Women Helping Others) Foundation, dedicated to helping women, children, and families in crisis. Since 1993, the W.H.O. Foundation has donated $3.8 million to other nonprofits that support issues of teen pregnancy, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness and rape.

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