Beachbody: A WAHM's Guide


Founded by Carl Daikeler in March 2007, Beachbody helps people attain their physical and financial goals. They offer vitamins and exercise videos to consumers. Individuals are required to become an independent team beach body coach to get started in the company. This can be obtained by first watching a series of videos. After signing up to be a coach, they will sell the fitness DVDs and vitamin supplements to consumers interested in losing weight. They will also start recruiting other business minded individuals.


Getting started is pretty simple. After watching their videos that explain the program, applicants fill out a brief questionnaire and pay a start up fee of $39.95 and every month after its $14.95. The fee includes leads and customers who are already paying for the service. They promote the business and spend close to $90 million dollars each year. The fee also covers the coaches career kit, the coaches website and the back office. Independent coaches are also required to buy a product for around $50.00. Because the business is in the fitness and weight loss, the target audience is primarily individuals interested in losing weight. It can be done from any part of the country.


Independent coaches can expect to make a full-time income working part time. It does require effort; however, it can be accomplished. The compensation plan offers four different ways to produce income. With retail profits, you earn 25% on customer purchases. With club memberships, you earn 50% on every person who becomes a member, and then an additional 15% on their purchases. With the Showcase Fitness Pack, you are paid $50 commission for selling a showcase pack and it is paid out weekly. Finally, with the Showcase Fitness Pack Bonus, not only do you receive the $50, you earn an additional $5 when anyone on your direct line of coaches sells a showcase pack. An emerald coach can expect to make roughly $760 a day.


To move up in this business, you have to first have the drive. Because independent coaches are required to make a purchase, they are also expected to follow the exercise program. For example, a coach wants to move up to an emerald status they must first create a profile page that includes a bio and a before picture. You must log the amount of work out times, which is 8 workout sessions, and then meet the other qualifications. Having a direct line increases revenue potential especially if the direct line sponsors additional coaches.

Is It for You?

This company is for individuals who have the desire to lose weight, stay in shape as well as make money. Stay-at-home parents who are looking for an opportunity to get in shape and make money while doing it will do good with this company. Because weight loss is such a big business, stay-at-home parents who are people-oriented will get far. As long as you are self-motivated, you will succeed and climb the ranks quickly.

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