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Basic Online Marketing: Promotions for Your Customers

Online marketing promotions are what you need to stimulate your business. If repeat or new business is slow coming, it's time to give your business a jolt with promotions. Otherwise, you'll continue in a decline that you may not be able to recover from fully. It's fun to do, and it's a great way to connect with customers. More importantly, online marketing promotions can help drum up the business you need to make a profit.

Customers Will Respond More

Effective online marketing promotions will result in customers taking more action. A newsletter or email may not get the customer to do anything. For example, it's good to keep in touch with customers by sending email updates, but they may send your email it to a folder or delete it upon arrival. The chance of them actually reading it is low. A promotion would entice them to open it, read it and respond, because they want to win something. They'll also take immediate action to be "the first" or to meet a deadline. It's a great way to measure the results of your marketing activities as well, because the response is so fast.

Build Your Online Presence

When you come up with fun or interesting online marketing promotions, you'll get people around the web talking. Customers may:

- Tweet about it
- Blog about it
- Post it in forums
- Talk about it on message boards
- Post a video about it
- Write an article about it

It can grow your online presence in a short amount of time, and your web traffic will increase. Use social media to announce promotions, so that it has a chance to go viral. You should also consider announcing your promotions in video and audio formats in addition to written content, so that you can keep it interesting and reach people who may not bother reading about it.

Repeat Business

The easiest form of marketing is when you pitch your products or services to existing customers. They've already done business with you, and your only goal with promotions is to get them to do it again. That's where online marketing promotions can help. They don't need to be sold on your business all over again, they just need a reason to do business with you again. Think of promotions for existing customers only, so that they feel special. Avoid promotions that will make the feel that they lost money with their initial purchase. For example, don't offer a 40 percent discount on the same item they just purchased a week ago. It will turn them off to your business, unless you offer them some money back that equals the money they would have saved with the discount.

Creates a Demand

If there's little demand for your business, try online marketing promotions before you give up on it all together. It could be what's missing in your marketing mix. Customers often need an extra incentive to get them to make a purchase, and they may not do it without a promotion. Don't disregard it if yours is a service business. You can take advantage of promotions for your customers as well.

Update your marketing plan to include online marketing promotions. The results will speak for itself.
Daphne Mallory, Esqis the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business. You can learn more about her here.

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