Bad Website Design Elements to Avoid


Bad website design can lead to a lack of business which, in turn, can lead to the failure of the company. Not all websites are workable and easily readable, the two elements imperative for a website to have. Designing a user-friendly website requires forethought and planning, and even then you may still need to tweak the site in the future. Below is advice on website design elements to avoid.

Keep Writing Legible

Most likely, you have visited those websites with font so small, complex or poorly colored, that make it impossible to read the content. Any text on a website should be in an easily readable, plain font in black or another dark color that will not be harsh on the eyes. Light colored fonts, such as white and yellow, tend to blend into the background no matter how dark the color of the background. Additionally, do not use uncommon fonts or intricate fonts for headers, as they will be distracting as well as unreadable.

Stick with the Basics

Basic colors are the best bet for the background and font color. Bright colors will be difficult or tiring to read and dark colors will be impossible to see. Whites, ivories, light blues and other lighter colors work best for backgrounds and dark colors work best for the font.

It is also important to organize the site in a clear, intuitive manner. Do not try to be creative with lots of links or extraneous information that will clog up the page. Top to bottom, the page should be readable and understandable.

Keep It Streamlined

Do not use a complex, multi-colored background on your website. The more things that are going on in the page, the less clean and readable it will be. Also, do not use family photos or multiple photos in the background, as the reader will become more interested in or distracted by the background. It is a good idea to build your website from the top down, filling in the sides of the page only when necessary. Start with as blank and plain a page as possible, and then one thing at a time until you feel as though it contains enough decoration. While a website is changeable, making changes can be difficult and costly, so try to avoid having to later remove what you have put on the page because you find it is too cluttered.

Compare Your Company

The best way to obtain knowledge of what to put on your website is to surf the web and see how other companies in the same business or field have done with their websites. Checking other websites can teach you what works and what causes problems, helping you with your design. Do not think that you know best and not research; spending an hour or two will vastly improve your design. Try writing down what you like and don't like about each site, so you can create a site that compiles the best of everything.

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