AuraStella: A WAHM Business Guide


AuraStella is a home party jewelry company that emphasizes .925 sterling silver pieces. It's a fairly new company, started in 2007, that began as a way to "redefine fashion and opportunity." The AuraStella company value statement is as follows:

  • AuraStella is committed to quality of the highest standards in everything they are and do.
  • AuraStella is devoted to the development of the whole woman.
  • AuraStella aspires to create inner and outer beauty.

AuraStella emphasizes women and the empowerment of women who choose to work from home throughout their website. As an AuraStella jewelry consultant, you would be responsible for selling the company's sterling silver jewelry, either through the parties you throw, parties a hostess throws on your behalf, or to individuals.

Starting out as a AuraStella Consultant

The AuraStella website emphatically states that its consultants are business partners, not mere salespeople. To apply for a position as an AuraStella consultant, you can complete a form online. If you already know an AuraStella consultant, you can apply through her, but you don't have to know anyone in the company in order to apply. You have your choice of several starter kits to choose from: the Basic Kit at $165, the Easy Pay Kit at 3 payments of $220, the Deluxe Kit at $1595, or the Build Your Own Kit, which gives you 50% off products when you buy one of the previous kits. Each kit contains varying levels of jewelry to get you started. The Basic Kit contains enough for 3 parties. You will also receive training and support from the company, as well as a free website.

Compensation as an AuraStella Consultant

The compensation plan with AuraStella is generous: a 35% commission on jewelry party sales; bonuses up to 19% on the first level; bonuses up to 10% on the second level; and bonuses up to 2% on the third and fourth levels. There are also rank attainment bonuses up to $27,000, and a car allowance is available. The company pays all of your hostess rewards. The company provides you with up to $1750 in free jewelry through their "Lightning Start" program as well as recognition, incentives and bonuses.

Thriving as an AuraStella Consultant

As an AuraStella consultant, you can choose to make your endeavor a part-time or full-time job, depending on your needs. No matter which path you choose, the company stresses that "self-confidence, courage, independence and passion are some of the personal attributes that every Consultant further develops through AuraStella." If you want to turn your consultant business into a full-time job, you will need to focus on team-building so you can earn a large downline.

Is It for You?

The company states that "AuraStella's jewelry enhances the personal style of women worldwide," and to enjoy working for AuraStella, you need to love jewelry and helping women look and feel their best. You need to be comfortable with sales, either on an individual basis or through the party system. You also need to be comfortable with recruitment, if you plan to build your endeavor into a full-time job.

Noteworthy Information

AuraStella offers a lifetime replacement guarantee on all its jewelry, as well as a generous exchange and refund policy.

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