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Apriori Beauty: A WAHM Business Guide

Apriori Beauty, an ideal WAHM business, is a direct sales company that focuses on a specially-designed and formulated range of anti-aging skincare products. This is a new company that went live for business in June 2009. It was created by Candace Keefe, former director of product development for Arbonne International, another direct sales company. She is joined by Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck. The company's mission is stated as follows: "Apriori Beauty's mission is to help women look and feel beautiful with the purest, most-natural and most-innovative products and opportunity." As an Apriori Beauty consultant, you are responsible for selling the company's anti-aging skincare products.

Starting Out as an Apriori Beauty Consultant

To start out as an Apriori Independent Beauty Consultant, you must purchase a Starter Kit for $79. This kit contains training materials and samples to get your started. You also have the opportunity to purchase the Apriori All-In-One set, which contains all the Phase I products, at a 20% discount. Apriori Beauty Consultants also receive a free Apriori Beauty replicating website and online consultant Back Office. To apply as a consultant, you must go through an already-established consultant. If you don't know anyone who sells Apriori Beauty products, the company website can refer you to someone in your area.

Compensation as a Apriori Beauty Consultant

The Apriori Beauty company website is remarkably candid about compensation levels, unlike many direct sales companies. Starting out as a consultant, you will earn 20% commission paid weekly on personal retail volume. You also receive another 10% commission paid monthly on accumulated personal retail volume over $100. As you build a team and get promoted to Manager and then Director, the company offers very detailed information about how your commissions grow. Your payments are sent directly to an electronic debit card so you have access to your funds immediately.

Thriving as an Apriori Beauty Consultant

If you want to earn the most money as an Apriori Beauty consultant, and perhaps turn it into a full-time career, you should focus on building a productive team. With each level of recruits you bring to the company, you earn a commission on their sales as well. For example, if you build a downline 3 levels deep as a manager, you earn 15%-20% on your first level, and 5%-10% on your second and third levels. Managers and directors are also eligible for monthly group bonuses, based on their group's performance.

Is It for You?

You'll enjoy selling Apriori Beauty products if you feel passionate about proper skin care and enjoy making other women look and feel their best. Apriori Beauty is definitely a fledgling company, and one that was developed and is run by women. So, you may like the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a business owned and run by other women. You'll need to feel comfortable with selling products directly to other people, and recruiting other people to your team to build up residual income.

Noteworthy Information

Apriori Beauty has its own charitable endeavor, known as the Apriori Foundation, which supports other charities that support women's initiatives.

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