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An Introduction to Freelance Web Design Jobs


If you're  looking for freelance web design jobs from home, consider the following to help you get started.


Looking for Jobs


There are many different freelance job boards dedicated to web designers, such as Web Designer Wall and 37 Signals. Don't forget general freelance job boards such as iFreelance, eLance, Guru, Sologig, ScriptLance and Rent a Coder. These boards will have tons of web design and development jobs broken down by area of expertise.


Typical Pay Rates


Typical pay rates vary based on the complexity of the project and the deadline. A good base rate is $25 to $50 a page in the site, and charge extra if you'll be doing any sort of web development or coding of the site. The hourly rate you set should factor in the cost to run the business and any profit or savings you want for yourself and the business. Typical web designers make $55,000 per year, so adjust accordingly.


How a Typical Assignment Works


Before bidding on a project, the designer should get as many details of the project as possible. With the information at hand, make a bid. In the bid, specify the desired payment structure, such as 25% deposit, 25% at project half-way point and 50% at final delivery. When the bid is accepted by the client, arrange to sign a contract and collect the deposit amount.

Keep the client apprised of all information throughout the course of the project based on the details worked out in the bid and the contract. Collect payments and send project files as required. Be sure to adjust fees according to any changes that must be made.


Pros and Cons


Freelance web design has many pros:

  • You can set your own hours.
  • You can determine your own rates, and require portions of payment to be due at the beginning of the project as a deposit.
  • You can work as much or as little as you want.
  • There are several different specialty areas to build a niche business around.


The cons of freelance web design include:


  • Income is never guaranteed because it's based on the amount of work/projects you do.
  • Independent contractor status means you are responsible for your own taxes.
  • Projects may take longer than anticipated, may require many changes and may be frustrating for the designers.


Freelance web designers should have extensive knowledge in HTML, CSS and principles of design. Knowledge of other programming languages may be helpful in securing a wider variety of jobs. Anyone seeking freelance web design jobs should have a portfolio to show their work and adjust rates according to experience. Portfolios can be posted for free on a variety of websites.

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