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An Introduction to Clerical Work-From-Home Jobs


If you are contemplating leaving the work force and want to research some clerical work from home job ideas, it is possible to find them. In fact, work-at-home opportunities are becoming more abundant.

You need to make sure you have the right competitive skills and experience in the market. As a work from home clerical worker, a computer and basic computer program knowledge is a must.

Finding Clerical Work-From-Home Positions

It is a challenge to find legitimate work-from-home positions by simply applying to random businesses. It's more likely that you will need to develop a niche and approach companies that you would like to work for. Or, better yet, use your business contacts to find a position, and don't forget to network with everyone you know and other WAHMs.

Data Entry Work

Data entry work is one of the most basic types of work from home clerical positions. There are a number of business types that would need a worker with these types of skills. The skills necessary would be quick typing, knowledge of data base creation and maintenance, and creating computer documents and files, among others.

Data entry work from home is something that you will not get rich doing. It's best to weigh the option carefully, as minimum wage, or slightly above, is typical pay for a beginner.

Specialty Clerical Work

There are other types of clerical jobs that specialize in certain areas and require a special set of skills or knowledge.  Some of those are:

  • legal secretary
  • paralegal
  • medical billing specialist
  • transcriptionist


It is helpful to have prior experience in these areas or to take a specialized training course. These types of online clerical work are often more available to someone who has worked in the field before.

If you have the appropriate experience, it is best to contact prior associates with a proposal that makes the benefit to them obvious. Outline how you working from your home will save their company money. It's good to be prepared to work as a freelancer.

Other Clerical Work at Home Opportunities

Other job ideas are:

  • personal assistant
  • virtual assistant
  • appointment setter


These types of work at home opportunities rely heavily on phone and organizational skills. You might be asked to set up or confirm appointments for various businesses; this is different than making sales calls. You might be asked to make travel arrangements for firm that travels frequently. You might be put in charge of a business person's schedule or calendar. There might be times where you meet in person weekly to exchange paperwork you have completed, such as packets or portfolios.

Some of the businesses to think about approaching for these types of jobs are real estate firms, import or export specialists, independent business people, veterinarians, private doctors, etc. Be creative in your approach, and be clear about your skills.

Additional things to think about when starting as a work-from-home mom are setting up a place to work at home and having 'office' hours. It's important for the business that hires you to know that you really will be available to them.

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