Ameriplan: A WAHM's Guide


Ameriplan is a discounted health care program that offers savings on expenses associated with dental, vision, chiropractic and medical care, as well as on prescription drugs. It is also an MLM (multi-level marketing) business opportunity. Started in 1992 by twin brothers Daniel and Dennis Bloom, the business was designed for those who either had no insurance or were under insured to be used as a supplement. Today, the company is the largest fee for services program of its kind, with over 169,500 pharmacies, dental, chiropractic, medical, hearing and optical care providers for members to choose from. As an Ameriplan IBO (Independent Business Owner), you are given the opportunity to utilize the training and information provided to you to sign on both new program members and IBOs.

Starting Out as an Ameriplan IBO

Becoming an IBO for Ameriplan costs a $50 start up and monthly fee. This fee includes a personal website for use of signing up health care program members and IBOs, training and team support, as well as enrollment in the Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic discounted programs for your entire household. You must contact a current Ameriplan team member to sign up. If you are on the fence, they may invite you to listen in on a conference call. These calls are meant to be informational, with the company's top team members sharing motivational success stories and explaining how the business opportunity works. IBO websites can be found through a quick Google search. You can also express your interest via the main website, and a team member will get in touch with you.  

Compensation for an Ameriplan IBO

As an Ameriplan IBO, you'll earn a flat rate of $35-$100 for every member you enroll in a health care program and $90 for each new IBO who signs up under you, building your team. In addition to the initial payments, you'll receive residual income each month for enrolled members and sign ups (ranging from $8-$35 for members and $15 for IBOs), for as long as they stay signed on with the company. As you move up in rank so does your income possibilities. Ameriplan pays daily via check or direct deposit.

Thriving as an Ameriplan IBO

Thriving as an Ameriplan IBO means wanting something more and going after it at full speed! In this case, it's sign ups and racking up the rankings; of which there are several, ranging from IBO to National Vice President. Ameriplan training will teach you MLM basics for getting leads, which will help you in your advancement. The more IBOs you sign on the more you earn, as you receive a percentage of their earnings. There are opportunities for pay advances, and your business becomes willable and sellable, meaning your family can continue to benefit from your earnings in the event of your death.

Is It for you?

Belief in the product you are selling and opportunity you are offering are necessities. Ameriplan does offer a needed service and you may enjoy sharing it with others. As with any MLM business, you'll need to be comfortable talking to people about the business, a bit persuasive and aggressive, highly motivated, and dedicated to your individual success as well as that of your team.

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