AdvoCare: A WAHM's Guide


AdvoCare is one of many opportunities available to work-at-home moms everywhere. What is AdvoCare? AdvoCare is a company that was started in 1993 by a man named Charlie Ragus. Charlie Ragus started the company because he believed in supporting other people in their dreams of financial independence, and because he valued health and wellness. AdvoCare is a company consisting of independent sales representatives that sell health and wellness products.

Some of the products you might find from AdvoCare are nutritional supplements, sports performance products and weight loss products. For instance, there are sports nutrition mixes, snack bars, protein powders, flavored energy drinks, vitamin supplements and much more.

Starting with AdvoCare

You can start with AdvoCare by signing up online or through a current company representative or distributor. You will be asked to fill out an application with your personal information on it. You should plan on providing your social security or business identification number for tax purposes. You will be signed on as an independent contractor or sales person. If you apply through a current distributor, the start up expense can sometimes be waived. However, you should plan to invest an initial $79 for start up expenses. You will also have to invest in some of the products.

Part of the start up process involves making a list of potential customers, often that means listing your family and friends first. Practicing your presentation with those familiar is often easier when you begin your business.

Compensation with AdvoCare

AdvoCare is much like any other multi-level marketing program. In order to make any money, you must be diligent in selling the product and signing on new distributors who also must sell the product. For a typical distributor, the commission rate is twenty percent. You must sell more than $499 worth of products each month to move to another level. You could eventually move to the Advisor level of the structure, which is 40% commission.

Thriving with AdvoCare

If you want to really thrive with this company and sustain yourself financially, you will need to use and believe in the products. When you use and believe in the products, it will be easier for you to sell them and to encourage others to use the product. Selling the product and signing new distributors up to join the business are the keys to success with AdvoCare.

Is It for You?

AdvoCare is for you if you are comfortable with direct sales and heavy marketing. You will also need to be comfortable with assisting others once you sign them up, because your success will be related to their success. AdvoCare is also for you if you like the idea of health care products and want to use the health products yourself. You will at least get a discount on your own products.


AdvoCare has a Debt Buster System money management program available to distributors as well as a twice yearly educational program called Success School. There is an annual renewal fee of $50. If you are a football fan, Drew Brees is the official spokesperson for AdvoCare products.

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