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Advice for New Moms: What to Expect When You First Come Home


Everyone has advice for new moms, but very little of this advice applies to the first few days of being home with a new baby. One of the most exciting times in any mother's life is when she walks through the front door to her home with her new baby. After nine months of waiting, she is then finally at home with the newest addition to her family. While most moms have read about and researched what they should expect over the next year, very few know what lies ahead of them when they first come home.


Remember that sleeping, sweet baby in the hospital? Well he's still sweet, but likely not sleeping. Most babies sleep the most during the first two days of their lives, which are spent in the hospital, but then wake up and become less peaceful sleepers when at home. This means that you will need to immediately start a sleep schedule, which will be draining and, unfortunately, exhausting.

Visitors and Callers

Everyone in your life will be just as excited about your new baby as you are, but they most likely don't understand how much work you are doing. Callers and visitors will interrupt you for the first week you are home, and then disappear quite suddenly--just when you realize you need the help.


It doesn't matter if you finished all of your ironing and laundry minutes before you went to the hospital, you'll likely have a huge stack to do within hours of arriving home. Get used to the sound of the washing machine; it'll be running pretty constantly for the next six months or so.

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