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Advanced Search Tips for Looking for Work-At-Home Jobs


There are plenty of work-at-home jobs. In fact, there are so many various work-at-home opportunities, it might be hard for you to narrow down your search. If you are tired of searching for something that is a good match for you and coming up with dead-ends, you need to try the Google advanced search. This search will help you find exactly what you are looking for, when you use it right.

Where is Advanced Search Located?

You may not have even realized that Google has an advanced search option. When you bring up the Google search page you will see the option immediately to the right of the search space. Simply highlight and click; it will take you to the advanced search perimeter page.

What is Advanced Search for?

The Google advanced search is to get you better search results. More specifically, it will narrow down your search into a manageable number of options. These options will be as directly specific as you request.

Normally, you might have tried searching for 'work at home data entry jobs' and gotten hundreds of thousands of results that were either outdated or irrelevant or both. With Google's advanced search options, you spend much less time weeding through results that won't get you anywhere.

To get the most out of the advanced search option, follow these advanced search tips:

Be Clear and Specific

Try to be as clear and specific as possible when filling in the option spaces. For instance, there is the option of finding web pages that have exact wording or phrases. There is also an option that asks for specific words you don't want.  Using these two options together will narrow down your results to save you research time.

Search a Specific Domain

Use the option to search within a certain site or domain. For instance, if your skill areas lie within the realm of doing government work, you might want to query only within '.gov' websites. If your experience falls within the range of education, try inputting '.edu' to search only educational sites.

Use the highlighted field labeled 'date, usage rights, numeric range, and more'. Just point and click and the field opens to even more specific search options.

Search Specific Ranges

Under the extended options, you have the choice of querying within a certain date range. This will help you avoid outdated postings. You can search with a certain region if you only want listings for Chicago, or Los Angeles. You can even search within a numeric range if you are looking for a specific dollar amount.

Utilize the Advance Search Tips

In the right upper corner of the advanced search page there is an option to highlight the 'Advanced Search Tips' field. This is a handy tool that will give you a treasure chest of helpful information on how to use the advanced search page. Use brackets to search for identified words or phrases or to break up words or phrases. Search within websites or identify a whole class of sites.

Although Google's advanced search page is not intended for more generalized searches, it is a helpful tool when searching for work-at-home jobs that fall within a certain skill area.

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