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Achieving Work-Life Balance: How Your Spouse Can Help


Your spouse is the best help available to you if you want to achieve a work life balance. Not only do you have someone that you can trust completely, but there are many benefits to living together underneath one roof. You can count on him to help late at night or in the early morning hours. He is motivated to see that you succeed at home and as work-at-home mom, and will do what it takes to make you effective at balancing work and life.

Business Tasks

Make a list of all the business tasks that you have to accomplish on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. A list may include:

  • Email marketing
  • Update website
  • Write content
  • Ship products
  • Cold calling
  • Bookkeeping
  • Pay bills
  • Invoice clients

Write a "W" next to each business task that is hard or time consuming for you to complete. For example, if you're late for dinner on days that you invoice clients, because working with Quickbooks Pro doesn't come easy to you, write a "W" for weak next to that task. Write an "S" (for strong) next to tasks that you excel at, and can complete in a short amount of time. Then, write "OK" next to the remaining tasks, to indicate that you can do the task, and it's not an area of strength or weakness.

Ask your spouse which of the "W" tasks he could take over. Perhaps it's a task that your spouse can do once a week to work around his schedule. It also makes sense for him to do the business tasks you struggle with, especially if he has the experience and skills to do them. This frees you up more, which will help with any work life balance issues.

Work Together

Spouses who work from home together can achieve work-life balance, more so than other couples. These households are often the busiest, but with proper time management techniques, work-at-home spouses have the best opportunity to ensure a smooth running household. Your spouse doesn't have to divide his time between helping you with business tasks, while working for an employer at the same time. Instead, when you work together, both of you are more available and have more flexibility for parenting tasks and each other. Consider working together in a home based business, and work towards that goal this year. It may be what you need to achieve work life balance.

Sharing Chores

Make a list of all the chores that need to get done inside and outdoors. Meet with your spouse to determine what chores he likes to do, and give him the opportunity to do those chores. For example, your spouse may be an outdoor person, and if you live in a rural community and keep a few backyard or barnyard farm animals, he might want to do all the chores associated with that. Why do the same chores? Let him do what he enjoys and you'll have time to do other things, like reading parenting tips on your favorite blog or getting more work done.

Delegate Errands and Extracurricular Activities

Divide you schedule so that you're able to share the tasks related to each child's extracurricular activities. For example, if one child has piano practice every Friday afternoon, and another had debate every Monday and Wednesday night, your spouse can pick that child up on the way home from work, making it easier for you to complete other tasks. Your spouse could also run to the post office or take care of other errands on the way to or from work. Make a list of the errands that require you to travel away from home, and ask your spouse to take care of those.

Your spouse is an integral key to achieving work life balance. Don't try to accomplish that goal without his counsel and help.

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