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Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance as a Personal Stylist

As a personal stylist, Rebecca helps her clients feel feminine and beautiful in their own skin.

Spring is around the corner, the time when the world starts thawing out, and you begin to shed your layers. Literally, the winter coats come off, and the sun comes out. Before you know it, Miss Spring Fever is banging on your door and begging you to explore a new opportunity. You know the smell of fresh crisp air, with warm undertones, that makes you feel alive and that anything is possible? Well here at peach, that feeling comes around every season. peach® is on a mission to inspire every woman to feel beautiful and confident in her own skin, and we empower women to discover the freedom of being their own boss. Our Personal Stylists are building their own, 100% flexible peach businesses, leading their dream teams, all on their own schedule.

We got the low down from peach® Personal Stylist, Rebecca Moore, who revealed to us how peach is the next adventure in her life, compliments her love for family, encourages her to help others, and nurtures her drive to set new professional goals.

What's the most important thing in your life?

My family, community, and our physical and spiritual well-being. For me, it’s all about finding a semblance of balance between work, family, volunteering, play and figuring out a way to use my God-given talents to live life to the fullest.

Rebecca with her family
Rebecca with her family

What was your life like right before you decided to become a peach Personal Stylist?

As a busy mother of 3 kids, I was on the lookout for an interesting business opportunity that would combine my interests with a flexible work schedule. I was uneasy about the upcoming transition to empty-nester, and I thought to myself “what can I do that is not a 9-5 grind?” I had deliberately taken a career break to raise my kids, and to volunteer at church and school. I knew it was important to me to be actively engaged in meaningful work when my kids went to college, without having to sacrifice the time for my family, church, hobbies, fitness, etc.

What inspired you to learn more about the peach opportunity?

I felt like I was not using my entrepreneurial and business background/experience to my fullest potential. I wanted to creatively help solve problems and encourage women to "create work they love" without sacrificing family life and community commitments. I love startups because they are challenging and require outside-the-box thinking. I wanted to tap into my creative business side.

What is the best part of being a peach Stylist?

The best part by far is teaching women about how to achieve their perfect bra fit and witnessing their "bra-ha moments". My goal is for women to feel uplifted and encouraged. It is extremely fulfilling. I really want to help every woman feel like she's found a fit that makes her feel feminine and beautiful in her own skin (no matter what stage of life she's in). It is a particular joy to help women who've been through breast cancer. Having a mastectomy, even when there's an excellent reconstruction involved, leavfes a woman feeling scarred, slightly violated, and less feminine and dignified. Having been through this myself, I know what it's like to find a bra fit that makes you feel whole and feminine again.

In your role as a Stylist, has anything made you laugh? Or cry?

Oh my goodness, I laugh all the time! At first it was very humbling to be in the intimates business. I never DREAMED I would be in this arena. It really helps to have a sense of humor. Who knew there would be many puns in this line of business! A few favorites: “peach is building the world's biggest support network!” and "my girls are feeling lifted!" My sister-in-law recently asked me if I got a boob job and I just told her I "got peached!" My husband and daughters think its pretty funny too, and they see how fast the company is growing, so they really respect what I’m doing. I've cried when I learn about more women who have gone through breast cancer. That is always painful to hear.

Regardless of my tears of joy and laughter, I am incredibly encouraged by peach’s line of beautifully made-for-real-women products, and their ambitious roadmap to continue create top two drawer solutions for every woman!

I cannot believe how lucky I am to be sitting here writing this while on vacation. Now that's a flexible job!

This article was sponsored by peach.

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