Acai Plus: A WAHM's Guide


Work at home moms looking for an opportunity to earn an income might consider the Acai Plus business. Acai Plus was started in the late 1990's by entrepreneur Greg Gunderson, under the larger business of Mr. Gunderson's philosophy was to make the process of earning money through a multi-level marketing opportunity easy and accessible to many. Now the opportunity exists for people all across the world.

Acai Plus manufactures and sells products like the weight loss formula Fitness Magic, the health product Cell Magic Plus and has other products as well. Skin care products are planned to become part of the product line too.


It is very easy to start your own Acai Plus business. In fact, you can do it right online in the comfort of your own home. Unlike with other multi-level marketing sales businesses, you do not have to be signed up by, or through, someone else in order to reap the benefits. To sign on as an Associate of the company, you will need $14, which will become a monthly expense. The $14 will include a website provided to you as well as a regular newsletter.

In order to actually earn any money from this business venture, you will need to sign on to become an Affiliate or Distributor, which are steps above an Associate. The monthly expense of an Affiliate is $29; the monthly expense of a Distributor depends on the level of Distributor you sign up for. For instance, there is silver, gold, platinum, diamond and other levels. The beginning monthly expense for a Distributor is $30. Plus, you must commit to the automatic shipment of at least one item each month. The Affiliate and Distributor statuses allow you to download and print all the necessary training and sales aid materials you need to maintain your business.


Acai Plus is a multi-level marketing company, which means you will need to sell the product and sign people on to actually earn money. You also must maintain your active status in order to earn money. The pay structure is based on commission and you must have at least three Affiliates under you to break even and earn an income. The way to break even is to have a downline of at least three Affiliates or better.


As with most multi-level marketing programs, the more you sell, the better you do. The more people you can get to sign on under you, the better you do.

Is It for You?

If you are great at selling and love the idea of health care products, then this company may be for you. The fact that the website access and telephone training is already in place for new Distributors makes it easier than most sales programs. Acai Plus may also be for you if you prefer to work mainly from home and want to use the product yourself.


Bob Holmes is a company spokesperson who drinks the White Lightening drink product. There is company support available to members of all levels.

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