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A WAHM Guide for Marketing & Advertising in the Digital Age


Effective marketing advertising in the digital age uses sound creative strategies, executed through the innovative integration of technological devices. Digital media has emerged with some fundamental and essential changes in advertising goals for the businesses of today. This has redefined advertising and marketing in unique ways, while providing a wide range of new possibilities and expectations.

Capturing Interest

Advertising is essentially a specific communication strategy developed to encourage consumer action. As in other communication strategies, the goal is to find an audience that will respond positively to your message. To take advantage of the advancement that technology has afforded advertising and marketing, stay as consumer focused as ever, while incorporating new methods. Finding the right potential customer is essential, but is still no guarantee of interest. Capturing specific interest that is focused toward the possibility of participation in a product or service still remains an essential prerequisite for any successful advertisement.

New Media

New media consumers understand that they determine what, where, when and why they may pay attention to a particular ad message. Reaching customers where they are includes knowing how they spend their time. Mobile advertising and social networks have increased such that interactive sweepstakes, games and contests can be used as effective tools. The demographics for this type of advertising include knowing which channels have the most increased appeal for any given target market. People of all ages have become increasingly web-savvy and use cell and smart phones, and other technological devices.


Integrated advertising marketing strategies now include cross-promotional concepts which have become the more effective strategies for marketing success. Advertisers have learned to pool resources to interest and capture potential consumers' attention. Using combination messages can build on brand equity and spark interest in two or more services and products.


The power of a promotional tool can cut through the clutter of the digital atmosphere by capturing interest and attention through entertaining and rewarding consumers. Contests that encourage participation are also great ways to capture data for marketing use later. Games and other kinds of interactive involvement are all activities that blur the line between promotion, advertising and marketing strategies, especially when they incorporate philanthropic purposes. For example, supporting a human interest is a great way to help people, while gaining attention for your product or service.


Understanding that intrusion which lacks express or implied permission can cause problems is essential when developing a digital online marketing and advertising strategy. The violation of online etiquette is a new arena that all advertising and marketing professionals need to learn about in order to participate effectively in the new technologies that exist. By embracing the new and heightened digital media sensitivities, you can avoid unpleasant consequences when using the many new channels to deliver ads and a marketing message.


The new digital marketing trends will continue to increase, which will make the battle for interest in products and services online and off more competitive. Develop an effective digital strategy or plan that incorporates the new media channels with an understanding of promotional concepts, as well as a sensitivity toward how and why consumers may respond to your advertising and marketing message. This will allow for the most effective and successful use of digital technology and marketing media.

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