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A Guide to Raising Children in a Bilingual Household


Given the modern day and age, several parents have to accept the fact that they will be raising children in a bilingual household. If you live in a country that speaks a language different from yours, you will also have to get your children to adapt to this change. Although there are several books and CDs that help you teach your kids a new language, there are a few things you ought to keep in mind so that you guide your children in the right manner.

Guide to Raising Children in a Bilingual Household

You need to first get your children to understand the importance of being bilingual. Your kids shouldn't feel like they're being pressured into learning a new language. Once they accept the idea, purchase interesting books and CDs so that the lessons are engaging enough and your child won't give up on the idea of learning a new language. It's important for you to practice the language with your kids at home. At least one parent should be able to speak the new language that your kids are learning.

It's important that you start teaching your kids the new language from a very early age so that it becomes part of their routine learning process. Start off by teaching them to name a few objects. Also try to teach them the alphabet and numbers when they're still young. It's beneficial to take the assistance of a tutor after your kids learn the basics so that they gain a better understanding of the new language.

Some people are of the belief that raising children in a bilingual household impairs their development. This isn't true because research studies reveal that children who speak more than one language are more flexible in their thought processes.


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