A Guide to Online Tutoring Jobs


Online tutoring jobs serve a dual purpose. The tutor benefits by earning an income doing something they are passionate about, and the student receives the teaching necessary to progress and succeed academically in a particular subject. 

What Is Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring is a supplemental education tool to enhance learning via the internet, with a specific tutor. It helps students improve their skills in a specific subject in which they are having trouble, or it helps an eager student further their education. 

Subject Specialties

As you begin your new business, decide what age range you plan to tutor, the most common being middle school, high school or adult. Are you qualified to teach special needs students? Next, decide what subject you are most qualified to tutor. Interestingly, the most popular subjects for online tutor jobs, in order of popularity, are:

  • Math, specifically Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus
  • English, specifically Grammar, Essay writing, Literature Analysis, Vocabulary and Communications Skills  
  • Science, specifically Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Start your tutoring online jobs with the age level and subject matter that you know best and expand further, once you have a comfortably established client base. 

Tutoring Rates, Payment Options and Income Potential

The average rate for a tutoring session, Math, English and Science, is $20 per hour, but can run as high as $50 per hour, based on education, experience and demographics. English tutors frequently offer additional proofreading services at $2.00 to $5.00 per page. 

Session-by-session, weekly or monthly payment options must be considered and agreed upon before each new tutoring job begins. Monthly billing statements can be mailed to clients for payment. PayPal is a popular payment system and allows payments to be easily transferred directly into your account.  

The Start-Up

  • Design a website so potential clients can find your tutoring business. Engage a web designer, if necessary, to optimize your business exposure on the web.
  • Promote the site to ensure a boost on search engines; use relevant keywords in the first few sentences on your site. 
  • Market your online tutoring services by visiting guidance counselors at local middle and high schools. Solicit client referrals and leave business cards for them to distribute when a parent inquires about a reliable tutoring service. 
  • Be sure to check state and local laws for any specific certifications you need to tutor local students. 

Necessary Session Preparation

The format in which you choose to tutor varies based on the tools you own and feel comfortable using. Skype is a strong option for computer-to-computer communication. Instant messaging and other chat programs work in some circumstances.

There are many different curriculums offered within each state. Not every school district within a state uses the same curriculum. Research the products and do not purchase any curriculum software until you have secured clients. 

The Importance of Networking

Keeping the lines of communication open with local schools and current and past students will help to keep online enrollment at an optimal level.  

Online tutoring employment is a rewarding and lucrative experience as you guide the educational journey of your students to the next level of confidence.

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