Yummy to the Tummy Pot Roast

2 to 2 1/2 pound pot roast
(optional) garlic salt, thyme, marjoram
8-10 small potatoes
3 ribs of celery cut into pieces
cut up carrots
1 yellow onion, cut in big chunks
1 bell pepper, cut in big chucks
1 cup of beef broth

Coat your roast with a little bit of vegetable oil. Rub in your salt and pepper and if you choose your dried herbs. Put your roast in the bottom of the crock pot and place your vegetables around it. Add your 1 cup of beef broth and cover the pot. Cook for 8-10 hours on low.

When ready to serve, cook some rice and serve your gravy over the rice.

Crescent rolls and a salad really make this a "Sunday Dinner" but not necessary. My family loves this just during the week.

*tip* For thicker gravy, you can add some corn starch to the pot 1/2 hour before serving and cook on high.

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