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Yes We Can? Yes YOU Can!

Wherever you live in the world, you heard what happened here in the US last night. We got a new president. Now, for the sake of this post... please put away your party affiliation or problems you may have with who was picked... because we're going to talk about strategies.

All packed away? Good. Let's get into this.

Positive Attitude

Most of the time, President Obama was smiling. During rallys, during debates, he was smiling. He really tried (in most cases) to stay positive and above-board. Website messages were bright, fresh, positive. There was never any doubt he was an optimist.

What this means for you: Being positive and having a great attitude is the most important thing you have. The McCain party weren't lazy, they weren't slackers. Neither are you. But being positive and optimistic makes your chances better.


At first, Obama did not say anything in debates or speeches to imply he was going to be president. But he started slipping toward the end, not because he was being cocky, but because when he answered questions, he vsaw himself in the situation when he answered. Sure that made him slip and say "when I'm president" a time or two, but that visualization is what helped him get to the White House.

What this means for you: If you can't picture yourself working in your house, it's probably not going to happen. When someone asks you what you want to do from home and you respond, "Make money" that isn't good enough to get you something you'll be great at. Figure out what you want to do and picture yourself doing it. It will make it easier to make a plan to get there.

Have a Mantra

By the end of the next four (or eight) years, I'm going to be pretty tired of the phrase, "Yes we can." While Obama may be saying it for all of us, he is saying it mostly for himself. Repeating something to yourself is a powerful tool to help you believe in things that may seem impossible or too big to handle.

What this means for you: Make up your own mantra. It doesn't have to be from a kid's cartoon like Bob the Builder, but children's programming is filled with punchy, fun one-liners you could use as your very own "Yes we can!" Repeating it in hard times and good times can help you keep on an even keel and moving toward success.

Regardless of what happens with the economy and other US issues over the coming months and years, your personal finances are controlled by you. There are clients out there for the writers and virtual assistants, and there are women who still want to have home parties thrown by the candle reps and other direct sales teams. Don't let the fear of a bad economy take away your belief in yourself.

Because you can succeed. You will succeed. You just have to believe and then work like a believer.

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Jennifer Gniadecki has been a WAHM for over four years. She has been a Virtual Assistant, an Internet Marketer, and a graphic designer...but her one true love is writing and that is what she's settled in to do for the long haul. She is a freelance writer and blogger and her work has been featured on as well as the Chicago Sun Times Online. You can find her mommyblog at

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