Working from Home with a Toddler


by Alice Seba

You're about to start your own home business, so you can stay home with your young child. This beats sending your child to daycare every day and having someone else raise him...right?

Harsh reality may set in when you realize building a business takes time and your toddler needs even more time. In fact, it's very unsafe to leave your toddler unsupervised for any period of time. There's choking hazards and so many dangers lurking in your home sweet home.

It's difficult to find a balance, but the important thing to remember is that your toddler is the reason you're staying home. That means, your toddler should take priority. Here are a few tips to get you through the days:

1. Work during nap times, when your toddler has gone to be and before he wakes up. But do make sure you get enough rest for yourself. A tired parent can be just as dangerous as a toddler with no supervision.

2. It's okay to put your child into childcare. If you send your child to daycare or arrange for a playgroup, he will be adequately stimulated and will learn valuable social skills. There are so many benefits to daycare And you will have some uninterrupted time to work on your business.

3. Keep a routine for your toddler. Daily routines are important for your little one. Work regular hours and take regular hours off.

4. Involve your toddler in your business. Talk to him about what you're working on. Ask for his help when putting packages together, cleaning up your desk or surfing the Internet.

5. Set up a little desk of his own. Stock it with papers, crayons and other office toys.

6. Outsource your work when you have too much. You can hire someone to help you with the tasks you can't seem to get to, leaving you extra time to work on the aspects of your business you enjoy and time for your toddler.

Remember, these are important developmental years for your child. You don't want to miss them by having your toddler in full time daycare. Why would you miss them being locked up in your home office?


Alice Seba is the proud Mama at - a baby & toddler parenting center. Visit the website for parenting tips, product reviews, freebies and more.

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