Why I Love Spammers

by Robert Holladay

I know, you are thinking to yourself, "This guy has got to be crazy, how in the world, could he possibly like SPAM ???

Well, I will tell you why in just a minute, but I want you to open up your MIND and UNDERSTANDING, while I share a few secrets with you today.....are you ready ??

There are 2 ways of marketing. But just so we will be on the same page....you need to know, "Computers DO NOT make MONEY !!! " "Computers or programs, do not SPONSOR people." The most High Tech software DOES NOT sponsor people.

PEOPLE SPONSOR PEOPLE !!!! People respond to REAL people, not autoresponders. Auto-responders have their place, but the majority of your time, must be spent developing relationships with PEOPLE and SUCCESS will just follow.

The first secret of successful marketing is "HOW NOT TO MARKET ".

1) I would advise against BOUNCEBACK Marketing. Bounce back ? What is that ? Well I'll tell you.

A bounceback is when you get an email advertisement from someone and you hit reply and say something like, " Thanks for sending me your ad. I will take a look at your site when I get a chance, but until then , take a look at my site, blah, blah, blah !!!

Now let me ask you a question. How many of you have sent out ads to safe lists or blasted your ads out to FFA sites, and went to your mail box and found tons of responses ?

You were so excited until you opened them and found that all of them just bounce-backs !! They had no intention of looking at your site, they just want to send their ad to you without being accused of spamming, right?

Well guess what. You just got spammed and if you practice this type of advertising, you are spamming too. Spam is unsolicited email,and when you bounce back someone else's ad without them requesting email from you, it is considered by a lot of people as SPAM.

Did I say I thought it was right to report someone for sending email to you? No, but there are people in this world, that just love to report someone for spamming, even though they were honestly just trying to advertise. Some people train those they sponsor to advertise this way, and they never learn correctly, until they find someone that cares enough to take the time to train them right.

They keep passing on this practice, and others fall into the same trap !!! ALWAYS be honest, and ALWAYS tell the truth and you will go far.

When you bounce back an ad, it's like slapping someone in the face. You are telling them, " Thanks for sending the ad, but I really don't care about your program, my program is more important, let me tell you about mine". While it is true that I cannot possibly join every program someone tries to get me into, I am not going to put they're program down, and tell them it is no good. That is insulting and you will not sponsor anyone into your program, by insulting them, and their program.

I train people to market on the Internet everyday and this is the kinds of things I teach them.

I can here some of you saying..... that's the way I have been marketing why are you putting it down? Well I want to ask you something. "What do you usually do with a bounce back"? I know you usually delete them, right? Well that's what most of the other people do too, they just hit DELETE ! DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL !!!

I'm about to tell you how to turn your junk email into gold !!! Here's the way to market responsibly and with integrity and without fear of spamming. Wanna know ? I'm glad you asked *LOL*

The answer is DIALOGUE !! Dialogue is conversation. Conversation between 2 people. If you want to succeed you've got to learn that this biz is all about PEOPLE.

At the other end of that phone line is a person. There's an old saying, I really believe. " If you row someone else across the river, you get there yourself" . As you spend time training and helping others become successful, somewhere along the way, you become successful too.

Here's what you do. Look at that email that you have received. If their url is in there, go to their web site and take a look at it. If not reply for more info. Take a few notes about their site, and then Ask about THEIR program. DON'T mention what you are involved in, DON'T send an ad about your program, talk about them.

For Example: " Hi Ted, I took a look at your site, and I thought it was really interesting. Can you tell me a little more about your widgets? " "Have you found that there is a large market for them?" Don't ramble on, just a few questions and hit send.

See your talking about them. There is hardly a person alive that does not like to talk about themselves. Always end your email with a question. This will keep them replying back to you. Ted will reply back, I guarantee you with more info about his product or program. Then say something like, " Ted, I noticed that the sign up fee to get into your program is a little high? " Hit Send

He will respond telling you why, it is so high. That his program is the best, blah, blah, blah. And listen, his program, might really be a good one. Don't count it out. But you are now talking to a real person, instead of just blasting out ads. Once you get this far with a person, then you can say ........." Would you be personally offended if I could should you how to make more money with YOUR PROGRAM ?

(You are still talking to them about their program.)

You are offering help with THEIR PROGRAM, not yours. Most people will answer back and say, sure, how can you help me?

When you write back asking about their program, you are not spamming, You've taken a simple email that you usually delete and turned it into a CONTACT .

If you continue this relationship with the person, they will eventually begin to gain respect and trust for you and you can sponsor them into your program. If they don't join you right away, don't push them. Just let the relationship develop.

Robert Holladay is an International Internet Marketing Trainer, and publishes the International newsletter MegaRiches Success Ezine. You can subscribe by going to http://www.megariches.com/ or by sending an email [email protected]?Subject=SUBSCRIBE_SP

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