What's Your Motivation?

By Lisa Hochanadel

We know that people buy based on emotion and defend what they buy with logic. "But Mom I really need a new bike because my tires are worn out" we said at 10 years old. What we really wanted was the bike that Jane just got for her birthday.

Now we say "But I really need a Palm Pilot! My old day planner is just worn out". What we really mean is that Fred just got one and won't stop poking the stupid thing in our face every time he uses it. At 10, or at 40, we want to keep up with, well, you know. On the other hand, we may just want to shut Fred up!

People buy based on emotion in business as well - but the key is WHATS THEIR MOTIVATION?

People in business act for two basic reasons. The first is promise of gain. The second is fear of loss. The question is, are you meeting their needs? And these needs determine whether a customer will buy or not buy. Lets look at each one and see how they can help us succeed.


The need for gain can take on many different forms. We can help people earn more money or gain more knowledge. On the Net, we are often selling something. Examine what you are selling.

Whats in it for them? THATS WHAT THEY CARE ABOUT! Let them know that they will get what they want by doing business with you. Have customers give you feedback on why they bought.

Have friends give you feedback on why they wouldn't buy. Take this information and ask the questions that so few ask. Where did I miss it? How can I better convince them that they will benefit from my offer? Do that week in and week out and in no time you'll have a site that sells like crazy.


People want to know its been done before. Few will risk their time and money without knowing that what they hope will happen for them has happened for others. Your job is to both challenge them and comfort them. They need to hear from you that they won't lose out by doing what you want them to do. Examine yourself to make sure that in addition to encouraging people to act you let them know they won't be hurt by their action.

The Net is a great place to do business. When we were selling face to face (or even on the phone) we could use facial expressions and tone of voice to make our point. Now most of our business is done through words. Be sure that the words you choose communicate that they will gain, they will not lose. Do that and you build relationships that will pay you handsomely for years to come.

Author Lisa Hochanadels Internet business succeeds because she understands what people want. She wants to share with you how she has achieved her success. For more info, mailto:[email protected] and see how Lisa can help you achieve your goals.

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