Way Too Easy Baked Chicken

Can you dump stuff into a pot? Then you can make this delicious meal. You can use either a whole chicken, or to save even more time, use a whole cut up chicken or "pick of the chick"


Whole 2-3 pound chicken or "pick of the chick"
Salt / Pepper
Any herbs that you may like
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil

Wash chicken throughly
Rub down with olive oil
Salt and pepper the thing
If you like herbs, sprinkle some on there
Spritz with lemon juice (as much or as little as you like)
Dump it in the crock pot.
Cook on low all day or on high 5-6 hours

When this is finished you have crispy baked chicken just like you would have if you cooked it in the oven.

I serve this with some stove top stuffing and a vegetable.


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