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Want To Make Lots Of Money? Look To The Stars!


By Liz Folger, Work-at-Home Mom Expert

This past week I had the honor of speaking at the Women's Business conference put on by the Junior League of Oakland-East Bay. So far this has been the highlight of my year. I haven't attended a conference in several months and I kept wondering to myself during the event..."Why don't I do this more often?"

The keynote speaker at this event was Maya Angelou, the most thought-provoking, emotionally stirring, motivating person I have ever heard...let's just say this woman changed my life in the few minutes she spoke. If you ever get the chance to hear her, and want to better your life -- go hear her sing, talk and tell stories. You will become a better person because of it.

Not only did I hear Dr. Angelou speak, but I was able to rub shoulders with other experts in the field of business. The tables were set up in such a way that all the speakers sat together. While there, I made one tiny observation that I think could make you more money. It's not a big deal and I almost didn't even bother to bring it to the attention of my husband as we were making our 5 hour trek back home with a 4 and 5 year old in the back seat asking every few minutes..."Are We Home Yet?" However, I had a few seconds between those overused words and this is what I said. When I actually told him this simple observation, the more monumental it became to me.

As I listened to the keynote speakers, I looked around and noticed that just about all of the speakers who were going to be presenting at the breakout sessions -- the ones who are considered experts in their fields, authors, and people you just look up to -- were all doing one thing...taking notes. They all had their journals/tablets out and they were taking notes of what was said. Then I looked at the other tables, those who were attending to glean as much as they could from the conference -- those who had actually paid over $100 to get in -- no notes were taken! I didn't see any pens or journals.

Experts/Authors/Public speakers are who they are because they work hard in their particular field. They've picked an area they LOVE, a career that is enjoyable to them. Can you say the same? Not only have they decided to follow their passions, but they have realized they can never stop learning. There are other people out there who they can still learn from, tips they can use to make their life that much more fuller and rich.

Since this simple observation a few days ago, I've learned that other very successful business men and women keep journals. Journals they use to write anything and everything in. Whether it be phone numbers, a special quote, or a simple note that your client's anniversary is May 13th....

Write it down...sure, you think you're going to remember it -- but you won't. (Trust me, you won't!) Do you really want to make more money? Look to the Stars!

Liz Folger is Work-at-Home Mom Expert and author of, "The Stay-at-Home Mom's Guide To making Money". Her book is available at your favorite bookstore or by calling, 800-632-8676. Liz has also created a resource site for work-at-home moms at: When you visit don't forget to sign-up for the free e-newsletter just for moms who work from home. If you have a question that you'd like covered in a column, e-mail her at: [email protected].

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