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nickandme2.gifIs every day "Take Your Children to Work" day?
Are there Legos under your desk?
Is your coffeepot the most-used appliance in your house?
Then you're a WAHM, and this is your magazine!

Welcome to WAHM.com -- The Online Magazine for Work-at-Home Moms!

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Imagine a 5 second commute from bedroom to boardroom; a business that doesn't break the bank to start. Money earning potential through retail, fundraisers, residual.

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frontcolor.gif Welcome WAHMs -- I'm Cheryl Demas, the founder of WAHM.com.
THE WAHM.COM SHOW is now on the air at World Talk Radio!
We're live every Friday morning, but you can listen anytime, just click for
Click the link below to sign up for the work-at-home moms' Meetup, and meet other WAHMs in your town. (It's free)

If you have a work-at-home question, try out our new Ask WAHM.com feature.
And if you would like to meet and talk with other work-at-home moms (and dads, and grandmas ...) please come to the WAHM.com message boards.
The team here at WAHM.com has been busy finding new telecommuting jobs and updating the site with the latest work-at-home articles for you. Please have a look around using the buttons on the left (don't forget to order my book using the button on the right, you will like it, I promise :-)
If you have specific questions, please come to the bulletin boards

And ... Time/Warner has a Free Chapter of my book online ... for your reading pleasure :-)

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New telecommuting jobs are posted on the WAHM.com jobs page every weekday, by 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

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WAHM.com articles to help you balance work and family.
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