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The WAHMEE Award

This week's WAHMEE award for: Work at Home Moms' Excellent Enterprises goes to:

Prime of Her Life.com

Prime of Her Life.com is an online magazine for women over 40.

Topics of interest on this site include:

  • Leisure Activities: travel, crafts, books and volunteering
  • Looking Good: fashion, make-up and fitness
  • Home and Family: parent, child, spouse/significant other & friend relationships, home decorating, food and pets
  • Career: work-at-home, on the job issues and continuing education

If you're a woman in the prime of your life stop by and check it out.

Previous WAHMEE winners:

Jacob Sportz
D's Stitcheree
The PRactitioner's Pal
Barbara Allen Hats
The Family Corner
Gifts by Jofi
Wearable Mommas
The Busy Woman's Daily Planner
Baskets By Pat
Mother Beads
Lady MacSnood
The Home Daycare Complete Recordkeeping System
Aware Bear and Friends
Halo Cups
Mrs. Malibu Gourmet Natural Foods
Children's Resale Clothing Company
Lights & Scents - Custom Made Candles
"The Best Friends Collection"
Traffic Talk custom license plate frames

Send your WAHMEE nominees to Deborah at WAHM


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