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By Tiffany Davis

I have been a work at home mom nearly six years now and from park to play-date the statement I hear most from other mothers is "I would love to work at home." Why is it that so many savvy moms start businesses only to see their dreams piddle away to "something they tried once"?

Let's look at what keeps most moms from successfully reaching their goal of working at home:

  • Fear
    • fear of the unknown
    • fear of selling something
    • fear of failure
    • fear of rejection
    • fear of fear
  • Unsupportive spouse
  • Lack of time
  • Missed opportunity
  • Unrealistic expectations

Even against such challenges the solutions are not unreachable!

Fear - a great foe in realizing any goal. You must realize first that fear is a motivator, good or bad. Once you recognize the fear you must then figure out where its origin is. Then you must take it on - nose to nose.

Fear of the unknown. This will never be conquered by sitting in your easy chair watching the soaps. Take the remote by the horns and toss it aside. You are capable of taking it on - heck you taught a kid how to use the potty!

Fear of selling something. While this is not true for every at-home business, it is for a great majority. The easiest solution to overcome the fear of selling is to LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! I mean how many times have you been swinging your kid next to another mom and get into a conversation? How many times have you recommended a product or service that you used and loved to that mom? It's easy to talk about something you actually use and benefit from. And to get right down to it - selling is talking!

Fear of failure. Been there, not the fear part so much as the failure part. You must come to terms with the fact that every business comes with an element of failure attached. But it also comes with a terrific element called SUCCESS. What is that wonderful saying? "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." It couldn't ring more true than in today's market place for women. As mother's we have a unique bond to each other. We trust each other and we want to help each other succeed.

Fear of rejection. Isn't it silly that we still carry this middle-school mentality around with us into our adult lives? Get over it! Not everyone is going to love you, your product or service and that's just life. Too bad for them cause your business is super and you are even cooler! Just move on to somebody #2!!!!

Fear of fear. Did you read anything I wrote above? Don't let your fears keep you from you joys, rewards and ultimate success. Life's momentary opportunities are waiting for you to jump on for the ride!!

The unsupportive spouse. This one is tough. While we want to be independent women with our independent business the fact is we are wives and mothers first. Believe me when I say no business will be a success when you and your spouse are at odds over it. So how can you get the spousal backing you need? Start with a well built plan and a lot of enthusiasm (remember if you love it so will everyone else). Explain how you will set you priorities and "fit" the business in rather than fitting the family in. You may suggest involving your dear husband in the business as well so you can share your business triumphs as a team! Give him time, start slow and as he sees the results he will be more likely to give you the extra encouragement you need.

Lack of time. I think as mothers we know the value and impossible task of time management. I have no formula for what works. I know that when something is important to me I make time for it. Simply if you want your venture to progress past your day dream you have to give it some time. Re-evaluate where you time is going. Can you get your husband and children involved in other household tasks to free up some of your time? Can you get up an hour before the kiddos for some focus time? I don't know where you "extra" (I know you are laughing out loud right now) time is, but IT IS THERE! Buy yourself a day planner and book some business time!!

Missed opportunity. Boy if this isn't the biggest on my list! Haven't you ever come across some nifty product that you thought of 2 years ago? "Man why didn't I do that when I had the chance?" you say to yourself. You missed the proverbial boat! Do not sit on your ideas, dreams and aspirations! Whether it is to sell the latest kitchen wares at a hostess home filled with friendly ladies or to write the great American Romance novel; your opportunity if floating by.

Unrealistic expectations. You must set goals and dream big. However be reasonable with the measure of your success. This isn't the lottery and more than likely you won't be the lead sales consultant or pictured in entrepreneurial magazines the next month. Give yourself and your business time to get through the first stages of growing pains. If you set your goals beyond the practical from the get-go something will burn out fast. Could be your family, your house, your business and/or you. This is not to say you should not hope and dream for your business's long term achievements; without those we have no vision. Keep your vision, visible and you will be able to stick to what you started.

Tiffany Davis is a veteran work at home mom. As webmaster of Mommy Mission she is helping moms in the pursuit and promotion of real work from home. See today! Or contact her at [email protected]

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