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Here at WAHM.com Undercover, we sign up for jobs and business opportunities that we find or that are sent to us ... and report our findings back to you.Some may turn out to be legitimate, some are not. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Have you seen an ad that you'd like to have check out? Email us and we'll do our best to check it out.

Also, come to The Boards. The work-at-home moms there have experience with just about every scam that's out there.

Get paid to take surveys?
You don't have to pay for a list of survey companies. The WAHMs on the boards have compiled a list of several survey sites, and we have them for you (for free) on the boards.
Click here for the list of companies.
People seem to be making a little extra spending money taking surveys -- and some (particularly focus groups) do pay quite well, but they're not an eight-hour-a-day type of job. I wouldn't plan on getting rich with this one.

Have you gotten an email telling you about a work-at-home "job" doing FedEx and UPS refund recovery? Don't fall for it. Michigan BBB

Phone acting: I got a little more than I bargained for

Mail Order: I picked up a brochure from a local coffee shop, "Start Your Own Mail Order Business." Hm, sounded interesting. So I called the number and got a recorded message. I was instructed to send $39.95 for my mail-order business package, and to leave my number so that someone could call me when my payment was received. I was a little nervous about sending money without having actually spoken to anyone, but since it was for WAHM.com Undercover, I sent my payment. Here's what happened next.

Envelope Stuffing, Order Processing, Email Processing. They're all basically the same. After you send your money, you will be instructed to place ads like the one you answered-- asking people to send you money to find out how to stuff envelopes. You may be thinking, "It's worth a try, what do I have to lose?" Could be what this man thought too, turns out the FTC thinks he should lose about $12,000.

Here's another warning from the US Postal Service regarding envelope stuffing and home assembly.

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