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WAHM.com Undercover - Scam Busters
By Cheryl Demas

This week's undercover work didn't exactly turn up a scam, but as it turns out, I found is a rather unusual work-at-home opportunity.

I recently saw an ad for a telephone actor. The pay was decent, $7/hour up to $14/hour with bonuses. I was curious about this job so I called the number listed. A recording said that all interviewers were busy, and told me to leave my phone number. I did as instructed and later that day, a pleasant-sounding woman returned my call.

She explained that the $7/hour base pay was guaranteed and the bonuses were based on how long the callers stayed on the phone. If hired, I would be asked to establish hours when I would be available, and the calls would be routed to my home phone. As she talked the reality began to dawn on me. Now it may have been obvious to you from the beginning,, but it took me a little longer.

"Is this phone sex?" I finally asked.

"Yes, it is. Are you still interested?"

I responded that this probably wasn't right for me, thanked her for her time and that was that.

So be aware, if you see a job for "phone actor" it may involve a little more "acting" than you're willing to do.

Actually, I haven't been able to stop thinking about this. Are there moms out there who are getting paid for phone sex while their children are at school? Are married WAHMs who do this cheating on their husbands? Are there some work-at-home jobs a work-at-home mom just shouldn't do?

I say "yes" to all of the above, but what do you think? Share your thoughts on the WAHM.com message board

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