Treasuring Your Home-Based Business Dreams
By Julie Frost

I recently finished reading the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff... And It's All Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson, Phd. His last two words in the book really struck me:

"Treasure Yourself"

Wow. We sure should treasure ourselves. More of us really need to take extra time to do so.

But it got me to thinking about how we home based business owners need to treasure our dreams.

What does that mean, really? I'll tell you: Love your dreams and goals, deep down on a soul level. Fall in love with what will happen to your life when your dreams come true. Treasure the results that reaching your goals will bring... Today! Before they've ever happened. And treasure the process of "getting there, because life is not about one event, it's the about our journey in "getting there" and what we learn along the way.

Once you are so passionate about your goals and dreams, that you never want to let them go, simply:


How do we "respect" our dreams and goals?

By putting our all -- our everything into reaching them. When you're passionate about the end, the journey will be a pleasure (even when it means going outside of what is comfortable for you, or even taking out the trash!)

Not only that, but when you treasure your dreams, you'll be constantly aware of them -- and what you're working for -- even on the challenging days. The days that all of your telephone appointments aren't available. The days when the pile of work on your desk just gets bigger and bigger. The days when your client can never be satisfied. The days when your spouse asks if maybe you should "give it up and get a 'real job.'" {Ugh.}

You see, we'll all have off days. But I believe that they will be much fewer and farther between when you're treasuring your dreams.


Simply because when you're constantly aware of your excitement and passion for your goals, of where your positive actions will take you, you'll get there a whole lot faster, and you'll enjoy the journey that much more.

You will put the most important things first. You'll do the things that might not be the most fun (or maybe they're even a bit intimidating) because you're treasuring your dreams, respecting your goals, and doing the things that will take you on the journey of your choice.

Your goals and dreams... they are important. Respect them by making them happen. Make them happen by treasuring them.

© 2000 Julie Frost [email protected]

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